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"Beat Diabetes" on Flash Drive

Here is an opportunity for you to have multiple "Beat Diabetes" videos at your fingertips, categorized for your convenience. With this flash drive you can:

  • - Play the videos on your computer
    - Play the videos on some TV's (if capable, with the appropriate USB slot)
    - Play the videos on some Roku boxes or other TV/cable boxes.
    - Have videos readily available to play at any time.
    - Share the videos with a loved one.

    Series One will have nine videos. The other three will have at least twelve.

    With these series you have permission from Beat Diabetes to play before any size group.

    Here are the four Flash Drive "Beat Diabetes" Series available at this time:

Series 1: Overcome
Runaway Blood Sugar

This is the "flagship series" which started it all. Long before YouTube, Dennis began this series in order to give diabetics a handbook of some of the fundamental truths he learned which enabled him to keep diabetes at bay for nearly 20 years.


Series 2: Interviews
with Overcomers

In this series Dennis interviews numerous men and women who tell their amazing stories of beating diabetes. Many of them achieved amazing victories in less than a year. Some of them were able to get their glucose levels into the normal range within six months. As you hear these amazing testimonies you will thrill at their success, and you will be motivated to do the same thing!


Series 3:
Blood Sugar Tests

This series contains many different videos in which Dennis, and often his wife, Benedicta, test their blood sugar levels as they respond to different foods and meals. You will learn a great deal from their tests, and you will discover a very simple and yet powerful truth - what we put in our mouths really, really makes a difference in the glucose levels that show up on our meters.

Series 4:
What the New Diabetic
Needs to Know

In this series Dennis has put together many different videos which he feels are absolutely vital for the newly diagnosed diabetic to understand. Watching these videos will lay a strong foundation for you to begin to drop those glucose levels down, down, down - into the normal range!


Name of Series

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