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Written Devos by Dennis Pollock

Abiding Life - A teaching on Jesus' all-important command to abide in Him.
Abraham: "From One Man" - 274 An overview of God's salvation plan, and how He chose one man, Abraham, to begin a race of people He would use to make Himself known to the world.
Acceptance - Key to Relationships - 354 A study of Paul's admonition to accept one another just as Christ has accepted us. article / mp3
Adorn the Gospel– A study of how God uses attractiveness to decorate the gospel, and how the charisma of Christ is available to all God's children.
African Missions, Lessons from – Parallels between an African mission and the Christian life in general.
Age, Benefits of - 342 Despite the obvious negatives, there are some tremendous assets to old age. Dennis gives a couple of Biblical examples where age proved superior to youth.
Aggressive Christianity – 221  By considering the life of General U. S. Grant, we can learn how Christians are to "fight the fight of faith."
Ali, Muhammad - A parable about spiritual warfare.
All We Have is a Gift - 205 A study of three important questions Paul asks the Corinthian believers, which demonstrate clearly that none of us has any reason for boasting.
Anointed with the Spirit – 320  How the anointing of the Spirit works in us individually, according to God's own purpose and gifting
Anointing, Corporate – 330  There is an anointing that comes upon groups, churches, and sometimes cities. We have called it revival, spiritual awakening, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. By any name it is a wonderful phenomenon for which all Christian should yearn and pray.
Anointing for Non-preachers A study of why the anointing of the Spirit is for all God's people, not just for preachers. .
Antichrist, The: Satan's Counterfeit messiah – 222  A Biblical study of this mysterious and evil character prophesied to arise in the Last Days.
At the King's Pleasure – 04  An enlightening study of the way we must serve our Lord Jesus. 
Bakker, Jim - The good, the bad, and the ugly - 268 Jim Bakker is truly one of the founding fathers of Christian television. His story is inspiring and heartbreaking. What can we learn from the life of this gifted, but fragile man?
Balaam - A Strange Story and a Strange Guy! - 328 Does the prophet who talked to his donkey have anything to say to us today? You bet he does!
Balaam Pt 2 - The Thing to Fear - 329 A further and important lesson from the story of Balaam. Here we learn the one thing we Christians are allowed and even encourged to fear.
Band of Brothers – The Wayne Sisk story– B28  The dramatic testimony of how one of the original WWII brothers from the famed "Band of Brothers," was transformed from killer to preacher.
Beasts that Perish, Like the - 276 The Bible tells us that man who is honor, yet does not understand, is like the beasts that perish. A sobering thought!
Be Filled with The Holy Spirit – B07  A Biblical study of the filling with the Holy Spirit
Becoming Receivers – B26  Fundamentals of how we can receive from the giving hand of our generous Heavenly Father
Believer's Lifestyle, The - 289 A study of Romans 12, and Paul's instructions about how the followers of Christ are to live.
Beyond the Minimum - In Christ we receive the love of God which always gives the maximum; never the minimum.
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich - Pastor, Theologian, Double Agent- A fascinating glimpse of the life, ministry, and death of the German theologian who dared oppose Adolf Hitler.
Bonnie & Clyde - and a lesson for all of us outlaws! - 171 The story of the famous outlaw couple, which serves as a powerful illustration of why "turning ourselves in" to the source of divine law is infinitely preferable to continuing as an outlaw.
Borden - "No Regrets", William- The amazing story of a wealthy young heir who gave up all for Jesus.
Born this Way, I was - Like it or not, much of what we are is the result of the "package" we receved at birth. Understanding this helps a lot in our life to make sense, and helps us to be less judgmental.
Breakthroughs and Breakouts - 99 Anyone who prays has found himself praying for a breakthrough at some point in his life - most of us often! Be encouraged to learn the way to your needed breakthrough!
Called to a Quiet Life Thoughts about the quiet life Paul encourages us to live.
Charisma of Jesus, The - 202 Wherever Jesus went, people were drawn to Him. What was the source of this incredible magnetism that our Lord possessed? And could it be useful in our own lives?
Children, Saved - 301 The absolute necessity of helping our children find Jesus Christ.
Christ and the Christian - Jesus is not just for getting saved. We also live through Him. A devotional about the ongoing ministry of Jesus in the life of His people.
Christ in Us - 279 A study of Galatians 2:20, the premiere declaration of what it is to live as a Christian.
Christianity Lite  - 290 Many evangelicals have settled for a "lite" gospel which promises much, asks little, and shuns all negativity
Christ's return, Many Witnesses to – 33 A look at the plethora of witnesses to Christ's return in the New Testament.
Church, The Changing - 214 In case you haven't noticed it - the church is changing! In this devotional we see why it must be this way, and some of the things that must never change.
Churchill, Winston - A Chosen Instrument but a Lost Man - 260 A sketch of the dramatic life of Winston Churchill, and a discussion of why God sometimes chooses men who do not know Him to accomplish His purposes in the earth.
Commanded to Repent – 19  Why repentance is a vital part of the gospel of Jesus
Confidence in Ministry - 309 Although ministry can be a fearful thing, yet there are very powerful reasons why God's children should approach this daunting task with confidence.
Conformed - The Good and the Bad - 321 Should believers be conformists? Yes and No. The Bible has strong things to say about the good and the bad of conformity.
Confusion - It's not all bad! - 214 Sometimes we are told that all confusion is of the devil and made to feel ashamed any time we can't figure out what going on in our lives. Learn why this is exactly wrong.
Conservative, Jesus the - Was Jesus conservative or liberal? In this study Dennis shows that Jesus was for the most part conservative and traditional, but also radical, and in one sense very much liberal.
Consolation, The God of - 294 So often we want to console and comfort the hurting, but we feel inadequate. It is right that we should try, but God is the ultimate comforter and consoler of the weak and hurting.
Conviction and Repentance - 101 Whose job is it to convict the sinner of his sin - the Holy Spirit's or ours? The answer is... both!
Coolness Factor, Jesus and the - 196 Why Jesus will never be considered cool by this world's standards.
Cornelius, What God Saw in - 244 A study of the centurion, Cornelius, and the dramatic angelic message he received - and why!
Cup is Full, When the- 265 The Bible teaches that God's wrath is stored, little by little, and then eventually poured out, once the cup is full. Is America's cup filling up?
Culture of the Bible - 242 A study of Biblical culture and how it is to affect believers today.
Culture War, The – 78  Thoughts about the American culture war, and how Christian are to respond to a society that is growing increasingly hostile to Biblical morality.
Culture within a Culture - 213 The church of Jesus Christ is called to transcend our local culture and to truly become a culture within a culture
Daniel - A Remarkable Man - 278 An overview of the life and character of Daniel, the Jewish prophet who served Babylonian kings.
David & Bathsheba - 176 Insights into David's infamous sin of committing adultery with Bathsheba and having her husband killed.
David & Goliath - Lessons in Giant-killing - 212 Insights and relevance for Christians today from the amazing story of the youth who slew a giant.
Day of Christ 1 – The Resurrection – 75 A study of the first event of the Day of Jesus Christ – the resurrection from the dead
Day of Christ 2 – The Rapture of the church – 76  A teaching on the second event of the Day of Christ – the Rapture of the church. What is it, and why do we need to think about it?
Day of Christ 3 – Judgment Seat of Christ, The – 45  The third event of the day of Christ. What is it for? Why will we be there?
Days of Noah, As it was in the - A study of Jesus' famous declaration that the Last Days will be similar to the days of Noah and the days of Lot.
Death Sentences and Deliverances - One of God's ways is to allow His children to come to the valley of the shadow of death, and then when all seems lost, to deliver us.
Decisions 1 - Impact of Decisions– 47  The huge impact decisions will make in your life.
Decisions 2 - Easy Decisions – 51  In some decisions we have it easy. Those decisions have already been made for us.
Decisions 3 - Conservative Approach, A – 52  In making decisions, the Bible generally recommends a conservative approach.
Decisions 4 - Non-conservative decisions – 53  While God generally encourages conservative living and choices, there are times when He asks us to do things that are decidedly "un-conservative."
Decisions 5 - Spirit-led decisions – 58  In decision making logic and common sense are valuable, but we must never forget to trust the Holy Spirit to lead us.
Decisions 6 - Impulsive Decisions – 62  One of the worst Bible words is "haste;" one of the best is "consider."
Decisions 7 - Deciding for your future – 67  Regardless of what a wreck you have made out of your life, as you change your decisions, you can change your destiny
Deity of Christ - Why was it that Thomas could call Jesus "my Lord and my God"?
Delay, The Blessing of – 74 How God uses delay in the life of His children to grant blessings that far exceed their petitions.
Delusions and their Cure - 283 Delusions make up a major aspect of mental illness. But far more destructive are spiritual delusions...
Demands of Jesus - 211 Jesus' call is a call to discipleship. And He makes definite demands of those who would follow Him.
Desires of our Hearts, Given the - 127 The Bible tells us that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts. This sounds almost too good to be true!
Disciplined Life - To follow Christ is to learn to practice self-control.
Disposable People - 239 We throw away Styrofoam coffee cups, paper plates, and plastic razors. Sadly we also throw away people and relationships. A study of our need to preserve relationships.
Distractions - If Satan can't keep you from being saved, he will resort to plan B: distractions.
Dreams, Cautions about Following Your - 97 "Follow Your Dreams" is one of the most popular slogans around these days, but there are some basic cautions Christians need to understand in this area
Dynamic Duo - Combining Theology with Godly Behavior- A study of Paul's epistles, and how he combines Christ-centered theology with a call for godly living.
Editing Your Life - Editing is not just for writers and filmmakers - God is in the business of editing lives. And He calls us to join in the process!
Eichmann, Adolf - Bureaucratic Murderer - 232 A biographical sketch of the notorious Nazi, Adolf Eichmann, and thoughts about how he serves as a parable to all of us.
Elect of God, The - 250 Christian are called "elect" and God makes it plain that just as we chose Him, He chose us. A look at this perplexing, but clearly Biblical concept.
Elijah, The Widow, and Dried-up Brooks - 341 A study of how God called Elijah to move from living by a brook to going to Sidon to live with a widow - and how he uses "dried-up brooks" in our lives.
Emancipation Proclamation, The Christian's - 262 A study of Romans 6, and its powerful declaration that "sin shall not have dominion over you."
Enemy, Your Most Persistent - A Biblical study of lust and the role it plays in the lives of both unbelievers and Christians.
Equal in Christ - Thoughts about the role of men and women in the kingdom of God.
Evangelicals– A study on what makes an evangelical an evangelical
Evangelist, Every Christian - An, A study of evangelism. Not every Christian is called as an evangelist, but every believer should make evangelism a major priority as he walks in the gifts and calling of God.
Evil, The Insanity of – 335  Sick is the new evil. In our progressive, secular society, media are often afraid to label evil for what it is. There is an insanity to wickedness, but it is a moral insanity.
Exclusionary Promises - A look at some of the promises about who will not be in heaven.
Failure and Success - 247 Why God lets us fail, and the path to success.
Faith, Jesus Taught - 208 As you study the life and teachings of our Lord Jesus with an open heart, you cannot escape the fact that Jesus was a big promoter of faith in God.
Faith and Behavior - Faith is inseparably linked to behavior. To believe in Christ is to obey Christ.
Faithfulness - Key to Increase - Advancement and increase in God's kingdom are always related to faithfulness.
Fasting & Prayer - Mighty Weapons of our Warfare- A Biblical study of fasting and prayer, and why fasting is such a powerful complement to our praying.
Father, Jesus Reveals The - 204 If you want so see God, look at Jesus. An overview of what Jesus taught and how He demonstrated the nature of "Our Father Which Art In Heaven."
Father's Discipline, The – 305  A study of the way God disciplines those He loves.
Feed Yourself - 178 Many Christians do not read the Bible for themselves, and depend almost exclusively upon ministers and TV preachers for their spiritual nourishment. Learn why this is a serious error
Feeding on the Bread of Life 172 - Reading the Bible must be so radically different from the way we read any other book. We read not merely to learn, but to feed.
Feeding on Jesus 350 - More insights on the importance of feeding on Jesus Christ as we read the Scriptures.
Finishing Well - 241 In the Christian life, as in every marathon race, it's not really how well you start - it's how you finish.
Finney, Charles - Revivalist - A biographical sketch of the anointed nineteenth century evangelist.
Follow Your Heart, Don't - 233 A study of the folly of yielding to every desire and passion we experience in a naive attempt to "be true to ourselves."
Following Close Behind - 286 A look at the passionate heart David had for God, and how he serves as a prototype for every New Testament believer.
Fool Most of the Peope, You Can - A study of hypocrisy.
Ford, Life Lessons From Henry- 183 A study of the early car manufacturer, and lessons for us about age, success, and humility.
Ford, Tennessee Ernie - A Sad Life - 331-332 The sad story of "Tennessee Ernie Ford," one of America's premiere entertainers in the 1950's and 60's. Ernie loved to laugh, and make others laugh, but his home life was anything but funny.
Foreman, George - An unusual life - George Foreman's life has had more twists and turns than a river, but the greatest turn was the amazing experience that happened after losing a boxing match in 1977.
Forgiveness - The Key to Freedom - 199 Are you feeling shut in, almost like being in a prison? This teaching about forgiveness may show you the way out!
Foundation for Fruitfulness - How we can lay a foundation in our lives that will guarantee fruitfulness.
Foundations for Ministry - 336 In this article Dennis shares some of the foundations God laid in his early years in Christ, which have made a huge difference in his life.
Friends of God - A devotional on the nature and benefits of being God's friend.
Future of the Believer 182 - The world scoffs at the idea of heaven, and many Christians ignore it. But to Jesus and to our Heavenly Father it is a big deal!
Gives up, When God - We love to say that God never gives up on anyone, but Biblically this is far from the truth!
God is Love - 299 Nearly everyone believes that our Creator is a God of love. But things get kind of sticky when we face painful circumstances that are inexplicable.
God is Love - Part 2 - 308 God wants the very best for you - but you must cooperate with Him to get it!
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - What's in a name? When it comes to God, there is a great deal. Learn why our Creator so frequently identifies Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
God Remembers, When - The idea of God remembering us seems strange, the phrase is Biblical and the event is thrilling!
God's Restraining Hand – 27  So much  that we find theologically difficult can be explained once we understand God's restraining hand.
God's Word, Our Food – 59  God's word is our food in ways far more literal than you ever thought.
God told me! - 100 The blessings and dangers of listening for God's voice.
Good Men & Women – 73  Are you a good person? Most evangelicals understand that in the ultimate sense, "there is none good, no not one." Yet, strangely the Bible speaks of good men and women.
Goodness of God, The - 91  It is only as we grasp and embrace the goodness of God that we can lay a foundation for real faith that leads to a lifetime of answered prayers
Gospel, Essence of the - 334 In attempting to help others to experience Jesus and salvation, we must be able to distinguish between the essentials and the non-essentials.
Gospel Right, Getting the - A look at the nature of the gospel.
Grace 1 - Grace Trumps Law – 98 To walk in the grace of Jesus Christ is to walk in victory. Therefore a study of grace is of incredible benefit. In this first lesson Dennis discusses how God's grace overides God's law.
Grace 2 - Grace and Jesus - 345 Learn of the inseparable link between grace and Jesus Christ.To understand this is to see abounding grace in your life.
Grace 3 - Grace & Prayer- 110 When you really understand the unbreakable link between grace and prayer, you'll have no problem finding time to pray!
Grace, Intervening - Although God has established laws and principles in our world, He is always ready to intervene into those laws and bring about a better conclusion when we approach Him at His throne of grace.
Grace from the Father & the Son - A Biblical study of the link between the Father and the Son that we continually find in the New Testament epistles. The danger of emphasizing God the Father without reference to Jesus Christ.
Graham, Billy - Keys to His Success - 317-319 A study of why Billy Graham was so successful at winning souls to Jesus for so many years.
Gravity, The Law of - 49 The Spiritual law of gravity explained, which must be overcome if we are to endure and succeed spiritually over the long haul.
Great Commission # 1, - Equally Loved - 234 Insights into Christ's commission for His people to take the gospel to all the nations. A study of the value of all people in the eyes of God
Great Commission # 2 - The Priority of Evangelism - 235 The Great Commission of Christ forever establishes evangelism as a huge priority for His church, and for every single believer
Great Commission # 3 - Make Disciples - 236 A study of discipleship and Jesus' command to His people to "Make disciples of all nations."
Guilt - And Why We Need It - 281 Guilt has a terrible reputation these days, but in truth it plays a very helpful and necessary role in our lives.
Haggai - A Lesson in Obedience - 296 A study of the ministry of Haggai, and the insight gained from this little book: "Obedience and repentance clear the way for the Holy Spirit."
Hard-pressed, But not Crushed - When we are born again, we now possess a great treasure inside - but there must be some pressure in our lives, so that this treasure can be manifested.
Harper, John - Hero of the Titanic - 226 The amazing story of Pastor Johh Harper, who was winning souls to Christ, even as the passengers of the Titanic flailed about in the freezing ocean waters.
Healer, Jesus Our - 201 A faith-inspiring overview of the Healing nature of our compassionate Savior.
Healing, 2006 - My Year of - A personal testimony of devastating loss and emotional healing.
Healing Throughout the Bible - 315 An encouraging study of the healing nature of God as seen in both the Old and New Testaments.
He takes away - that He may establish - One of the ways of God is to take away the old before He establishes the new. The "taking away" is painful, but once the new has come, we know God does all things well.
Heart Transplant - 237 A study of the amazing promise found in Ezekiel, which declares God will take away our stony heart and give us a new heart - a heart which will gladly keep His commandments
Heaven (Part 1) - Why Consider it? - 291 An overview of the Biblical doctrine of and emphasis upon heaven and our eternal future with God.
Heaven (Part 2) - The Physical Aspect - 292 A study of the physical dimension of heaven. Contrary to the popular sterotype, heaven is not some mystical place where we will flit about from cloud to cloud.
Heaven (Part 3) - The New Heavens and the New Earth - 293 A study of the actual nature of our eternal dwelling place, where we will rule (not sing) forever.
Hide and Seek - Why God hides Himself and how He may be found.
Himmler - Lesson from a Wretched Life, Heinrich - 156 A study of a murderer who fancied himself highly moral.
Hogan, Ben - Master Golfer - 302-304 A bio of the great golfer, and lessons profitable for believers.
Holds Our Breath and Owns Our Ways, The God who - 238 A study of the two attributes of God spoken by Daniel to King Belshazzar: God "holds our breath in His hand and owns all our ways."
Holiness & Love of God, The 170 - These two attributes of the Almighty are both absolutely essential for us to grasp, and must always be kept in balance.
Holy Spirit & Music, The – 285  It is vital that God's people understand the relationship between the Holy Spirit and music.
Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts, The - 264 Amazingly, there are more references to the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts than in all the other books of the Bible combined! An overview of the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in this important book.
Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, The - Contrary to what many assume, the Holy Spirit's filling is not strictly a New Testament experience. Learning the difference between then and now can give you faith for now!
Holy Spirit, Be Filled with the - 225 A Biblical study of the filling with the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit - A Second Experience - 324 Did you get all that you will ever need when you were saved? Well, ... not necessarily. There is a second experience
Homosexuality, Responding to- 133 Our society is placing enormous pressure upon one and all to conform to the party line and accept homosexuality. Here is a frank,Biblical, and loving response.
Homosexuals, Hope for - 300 Too often the church either ignores homosexuality or else blasts it. What we need is a Biblically based message of hope and deliverance!
Hope, The Power of - Hope has become the forgotten virtue. Learn why we all desperately need hope, and God's provision for it in all our lives.
Houdini - 219 A biographical sketch of the world's greatest escape artist, and a powerful insight about the greatest escape of all.
Humbled, Tested, and Blessed - 148 A study of God's purpose in Israel's wilderness wanderings, and how this applies to Christians today.
Hyper-Grace Heresy Pt 1, The (An Overview) - 253 An overview of one of the latest heresies popular among some TV - preachers. Dennis refutes the idea that God never holds Christians accountable for their sins, and there is never, ever a need to repent or ask forgiveness of God.
Hyper-Grace Heresy Pt 2, The (Do Jesus' Words Mean Anything?) - 326 A look at one of the bizarre claims of the hyper-grace preachers - the idea that Jesus' words and commandments are irrelevant for us today.
Hyper-Grace Heresy Pt 3, The (Is God always Pleased with Us?) - 327 In this study we consider the erroneous notion that God is always and at all times pleased with His children.
(Hypocrisy) - "You can Fool Most of the People..." - 174 A study of hypocrisy, and the Biblical antidote for it.
If At First... - 177 A study of why false starts and apparent failures in ministry are a vital aspect of God's program in building men and women He can use.
Inconvenient Life, An - 267 Jesus Christ calls us to follow Him, and to become His disciples. If convenience and ease are our goals in life, we automatically disqualify ourselves.
Inexhaustible Supply, An - 164 In Jesus Christ, there is an inexhaustible supply of grace for us in our times of need. We never need to fear going back to the Fountain again and again!
Inexplicable Success - Some success is downright unexplainable! God calls it "blessing."
Israel, Miraculous Restoration of - The amazing restoration of the nation of Israel is awe-inspiring - and serves as a great object lesson for the human race!
Jerusalem - The City of God - 198 Amazingly the Bible teaches us that the city of Jerusalem is God's "home town," the city He has chosen as His base of operations. Learn about this mysterious city, and why it has tremendous relevance for Christians today.
Jesus & the Holy Spirit – 224  A teaching on the unmistakable link between Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Jesus, Man of Controversy - 200 Many people have never considered it, but Jesus got into some intense arguments during His ministry, and labeled certain people "snakes," "fools," and "blind."
Jesus the Gentleman – 60  Jesus had an amazing habit of showing up where He was welcomed, going where He was asked, and leaving when He was not wanted
Jesus, the Prophet - 230 A look at the prophetic nature and gifting of the Lord Jesus, who operated as a prophet, as well as in other ministry gifts.
Jesus Our Teacher - 249 A study of Jesus' teaching ministry, which is still active today.
Jesus, The Tough Side of - We all know that Jesus is tender but we must also recognize that He has a tough side. A Biblical view of Jesus' "tough side."
Jesus, Who is This? - 311 An overview of the nature and ministry of the Lord Jesus.
Jesus, Witnesses of - 228 A study of the many different witnesses God provided, all confirming that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
Job Description, God's - 322 As God addresses Job, He declares His "job description." He declares those things which only He, our Creator, can do. Here we find that bringing down and resisting proud people is part and parcel of who God is.
Job Description Part 2, Gods - 323 A a closer look at the paramount value of humility, and the specific means by which we may humble ourselves.
Jones, Jim - Messiah of Death - 162 A bio of the terrible man behind the Jonestown mass suicide, and the powerful lesson we can all learn from Jim Jones.
Justified! - Thoughts about the nature and power of justification through Christ.
Justified by Faith/Peace with God - 337 A study of the classic verse in Romans which tells us that being justified by faith, we have peace with God through Christ.
Korah, Rebellion of - 203 Powerful insights for Christians today, from the story of the rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
Law of Gravity - How Satan uses this law to try to bring down every fresh work in Christ, and how we can overcome!
Legalism, The New - 240 Contrary to popular opinion, Christian legalism is not just about preachers who preach against certain forms of dress. Legalism is an insidious spiritual virus which can take on many forms and evolve from generation to generation.
Legion, Jesus and - 207 A powerful story of how our Savior delivered a hopeless and helpless man filled with demons - and an encouraging lesson that with God there is hope for the hopeless!
Leigh, Vivien - A Tragic Tale of Mental Illness - 197 A biographical sketch of the actress who played "Scarlett O'Hara" in the classic movie Gone with the Wind, and some thoughts on the mental illness she struggled with most of her adult life.
Limitations of God - Does God has any limits? You might be surprised.
Live Forever – 218  A contrast between the secularist, new age, and Christian views of the afterlife.
Logic, The Insuffiency of - 61 Jesus' critics had what appeared to be air-tight logic in the reasons why He culd not possiblty be Israel's Messiah - and they were dead-wrong! Why logic and reason alone are never enough in relating to God.
Looking for the Day of the Lord - Thoughts about Peter's prophecy of the burning up of our world and the creation of new heavens and a new earth - and why it is good for us to think about this.
Love & Marrriage - God's Way - 256 A study of the phenomon of falling in love, and the much different experience of marriage that follows.
Love Thyself? - 258 Psychologists (and some pastors) would tell us that loving oursels is the key to being able to loving others. What does the Bible say?
Luther, Martin - Captive to God's Word - A bio of the great reformer.
Lying Words - 273 A study of Jeremiah's rebuke of Israel for their lying words: "The temple of the Lord," and how even today we can be guilty of the same sin.
Male and Female, He Made Them - 312 A study of the male/female relationship, and thoughts on marriage, sex, and God's plan for men and women.
Male Leadership in Marriage - 297 It is a thorny subject, but it is an unquestionably Biblical subject. Dennis takes on the Scriptural charge: "Wives, submit to your husbands."
Mantle, Mickey - The story of the great but tragic baseball player, and how he found Jesus Christ in his last days.
Marriage, God's Foundation for - 209 We are doing it all wrong! A study of God's foundation for marriage, and why so many marriages are on such shaky ground.
Marriage, Surprises, and Commitment - 257 In some ways getting married is like Forest Gump's proverb: "You never know what you're gonna get." A study of marriage and how to handle the surprises we experience once the honeymoon is over.
Means, Confidence in - 168 Not only must we trust in God; we must have confidence in the means He places in our hands to glorify His name.
Means, God and - In our looking to the Lord for blessings, victories, and breakthroughs, there is a dynamiic duo that we must employ. We must pray, for sure, but we must also find and employ God's designated means.
Memos from Jesus- A look at the most important memos ever dictated: Jesus' memos to the seven churches, as seen in Revelation chapters two and three.
Mighty Hand and Outstretched Arm, By a - 314 A study of the expression: "by a mighty hand and outstreched arm." Here we see proof positive that God's deliverances are not limited to our "easy cases."
Minister, Effective Grace to - 349 Paul and Peter were both anointed and given grace to minister effectively. But God graced them to minister to different peoples.
Ministry, Unlikely Paths to - 338-339 A study of the fascinating journey God took David as he rose from boy-shepherd to king of Israel. And God is still creative and surprising in raising up leaders today!
Missing Ingredient, The - 169 In much of Christendom today Jesus is conspicuously absent. We learn principles, we study steps to freedom, but we fail to look to the great Deliverer. A study of the apostle Paul's great love for and appreciation of Jesus Christ.
Money, What Jesus Taught about - 245 A study of the teachings of our Lord on the subject of finances and material needs.
Moral Laws Disappeared?, Have God's 163 A study of the moral laws still relevant for believers.
Moses, As I was with - 271 A study of God's amazing words to Joshua found in Joshua 1.
Moses, The Humanity and Humility of - A study of the great lawgiver, with emphasis upon the fact that Moses was very much human.
My Story (Dennis' Testimony) - How Dennis Pollock was transformed from skeptic to believer.
Natural and Unnatural - 210 A study of how God's gives gifts to us that make us "naturals" in certain areas.
Negative can be positive - In our escape to "eliminate the negative" we have sometimes gone way too far.
Ness, Eliot - Nemesis to Al Capone - 206 A bio of the rise and fall of the famous prohibition agent who dared go after Al Capone, the most ruthless mob boss in America.
New Birth, Jesus and the - 229 Although liberals deny it, Jesus plainly taught the new birth. In fact He insisted upon it!
New Legalism - Are you legalistic? Legalism wears many guises and takes on many shapes.
New Things from God, Embracing 346 Try as we might, we can never hit the "pause" button, either on our own personal lives or on the church. We must learn to adapt to new things from our unchanging God.
No Longer Tossed About - God's process for our maturity
Nourished and Flourishing - 167 The key to be nourished and to flourish as you follow Christ
Old & New Man, The - In reality there are only two kinds of men in this world, old and new. This does not refer to age, but to spiritual condition.
Old Testament, The Value of the 263 Why should we read the Old Testament? A study of the value of the Old Testament for Christians.
Order to Chaos, Bringing - 145 When Christ comes into our lives, He brings the rule and the order of God with Him. As we abide in Him He uses us to extend that rule and order
Ordinary People - 282 We celebrate, admire, and elevate the extraordinary, the beautiful, the super-talented. But most of us are so... ordinary. Is there any hope for us?
Organize - Or Pay The Price! - 155 A Biblical overview of the importance of organization, and the high price we pay when we fail in this area.
Outlasting our Foes - When we face the enemy's attacks, we love it when we can defeat him with a single blow, David and Goliath style. But sometimes we find our victory simply by outlasting him.
Pain, The Value of - 154 While we instinctively do all we can to avoid pain, the call of Christ is a call to embrace the pain of self-denial daily. Here is a little heralded key to success and fruitfulness.
Panic, Don't – 26  In times of stress, a reason you never need to panic.
Paul, The Preparation of - 243 A study of how Jesus converted this persecutor of the church, and crafted him to become an apostle.
Perfect Submission - all is at rest - In submission there is perfect rest.
Perseverance, The Power of - "Never Give Up!" - 159 A study of the Syrophoenican widow's amazing refusal to accept anything other than the desire of her heart.
Pierce, Bob - The Deal God Never Made - The powerful and touching story of Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision.
Planting of the Lord, The - 269 A study of the power and blessings that come when we stay in the place the Lord has planted us.
Pleasing God: Is it even possible? - 152 A Bible study about the possibility of, and power to, please our Heavenly Father.
Plentiful Rain, A - 185 It is a mark of our humanity that we get weary at times - sometimes bone weary. The great news is that it is a mark of God's divinity that He sends plentiful rains to refresh His weary children.
Portal to Heaven- 153 A study of how the temple of God in Jerusalem served as a portal to heaven under the Old Covenant, and the New Covenant replacement, which is available to us today!
Pray!, Don't Just - 217 Prayer brings victory and heaven's favor, but most of the time there will be some changes needed!
Prayer Investments - Why a life of prayer is the best investment of all.
Prayer / Grace Connection, The - In the kingdom of God prayer and grace are closely linked together. Where you find one, you will find the other.
Pressing Through - 298 Sometimes when we face struggles and obstacles we assume God is telling us we are on the wrong tracke. But often we just need to "press through."
Problem with Logic - Logic has its uses, but it also has its limitations.
Prosperity, Abundance, and the apostle Paul - What the great apostle thought about wealth.
Pruning Shears, The Father's - 220 If you have recently felt a sense of loss, and things precious to you have been taken away, you need to read this!
Psalm 119 - A New Testament Perspective - Why we must see this great psalm from a Christian perspective.
Quest, The Great - The great quest of life, and the prize we may gain.
Quiet Life, The - We live in a loud world, but as we walk with Christ and follow His commands, we find that He leads us to quiet living.
Rainy Seasons - Although we fear and dread them, droughts of various kinds, physical, spiritual, and emotional, are a reality to all of us. But in the goodness of God, we also discover rainy seasons which overrule our droughts and bring a surge of new life
Ravens, Lilies, and Sparrows- 136 A discussion on the parables Jesus used to demonstrate the generosity and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.
Raymond Berry - Hands of glue, transformed heart - The testimony of how Johnny Unitas' favorite receiver found Jesus Christ.
Receiving from God - 280 Learning how to receive from God is the greatest of all possible skills. There are diving protocols to asking and receiving. Learn them, and be blessed!
Repentance, Our God Grants – 42 Why does God have to "grant" repentance?
Repentance, The Necessity of – 63  Why repentance is a vital aspect of the gospel of our Lord Jesus, and must be proclaimed.
Repositioning, Divine - 316 God is an expert "transplanter" and "repositioner." Just about the time we start to get comfortable, we sometimes hear the call to move along.
Responding to Homosexuality - Our society is placing enormous pressure upon one and all to conform to the party line and accept homosexuality. Here is a frank,Biblical, and loving response.
Resurrection and The Life, Jesus - The - 231 Insights from the dramatic account of how Jesus raised His friend Lazarus from the dead.
Rewards for Believers, Three - A study of three different activities Jesus addresses, and promises rewards from our Father who sees in the secret place.
Rich Man and Lazarus, The - 343 A study of Jesus vivid parable about a rich man and a poor beggar who die and find themselves on opposite ends of Hades.
Righteousness - At the Heart of the Gospel 151 The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not about enhancing our self-esteem or improving our ability to win friends and influence people. It is all about righteousness.
Righteousness, The Fruits of - 333 A study of the Biblical phrase: "the fruits of righteousness which are by Jesus Christ."
Roberts, Evan and the Welsh Revival - 158 The fascinating story of how God used a young coal miner to set Wales ablaze with the fires of revival.
Roberts, Oral - Champion of God's Healing Power - 340 A bio of the man who first made America recognize the healing power of Jesus.
Samson - Anointed Deliverer - Thoughts about Samson - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Scriptures, Jesus' Love for the - 246 When we see just how respectful our Lord Jesus was of the Scriptures, we will come to recognize their importance in our lives.
Seasons: Different Seasons / Different Rules - 216 Each new season of our lives comes complete with different requirements, rules, and ways of life. The wise person will seek the Lord and discover those ways.
Seasons of our Lives - Our lives are a string of different seasons. Each season has its blessings and also its dangers.
Seek the Lord! - 261 Throughout the Bible we read again and again that we must "Seek the Lord." A study of just what this seeking entails, and the blessings that flow out of it.
Seeking with the whole heart - A study in the ways and means of seeking our God, using Daniel's mighty prayer as a pattern.
Self-confidence, God's Alternative to - 284 Confidence is important, but confidence in ourselves is spiritual death. Learn God's alternative to self-trust.
Setting Aside Time for God - 344 A study of the concept of seeking God through prayer, fasting, and making time for Him.
Sin the same, Is all?– 12  Many have heard the "all sin is the same" myth so often they have assumed it comes from the Scriptures.
Sinners, Nice - 146 Not all sinners are obnoxious, nasty, surly, mean individuals. The truth is, there are some non-praying, non-church-attending, non-worshiping unbelievers who are pleasant, likeable people. How can this be?
Sisk, The Story of Wayne "Skinny" - 275 The fascinating story of a World War II soldier, a member of that famous "Band of Brothers" who found Jesus.
Sitting around waiting for Jesus to come - Believers who look forward to the return of Jesus are sometimes accused of sitting around and waiting for Jesus to come. Learn why we should all be waiting (but not sitting).
Skilled in the Word - 180 Of all the areas of skill and expertise there are in this world, for the Christian there is no skill like skill in the Word of God.
Slippery Slopes - 147 Thoughts on the vital need for believers to "see the danger and take refuge."
Slowness & Speed of God, The - Strangely, the Scriptures indicate that God is slow... and fast! At times He requires us to endure long periods of difficulties, but when His time has come, He can move with blazing speed.
Snead, Sam - A Parable In a series of bets between a Cuban businessman and golfer Sam Snead, we have a perfect illustration of what it means to be an instrument in the hands of our Lord.
Soldier / Athlete / Farmer - A study of three illustrations Paul used to describe the Christian life.
Solomon's Preoccupation with Death - 347 In the book of Ecclessiastes, Solomon laments again and again about the tragedy of death, and declares that because of this life is vanity. Really?
Solomon's Preoccupation with Death (Part 2 - Contrasting Solomon with Paul) - 348 An amazing contrast between two brillian men: King Solomon and the Apostle Paul.
Solution for a Stiff Neck - 173 A study of two twins, Determination & Stubbornness. One is very, very good, and the other very, very bad.
Source of Lawlessness - What is behind all the wickedness of the world?
Spankings and Worldviews - 277 Thoughts on the vast difference between the views of secular vs. evangelical Christians, using a controversy about spanking in school as an example.
Spiritual Climate – 223  Plants grow healthy and strong in the right climate, and so do Christians!
Stand by Faith, We - A powerful study of the reason we do not need to fear being torn from the hands of our Savior. We can fall, but we never need to!
Storms, Perfect – 93  Every one of us faces severed personal storms in our lives from time to time. Learn their purpose, and the keys to surviving your storms intact
Strange Doctrine - Some have suggested that Jesus' death means that the only sin God holds against anyone is the sin of unbelief. That almost sounds right, but when you look deeper, you find it is clearly false.
Strangers & Sojourners - The Bible states definitively that this present world is not our home. We are to live as strangers in it. Learn why this mentality is absolutely vital to successful Christian living.
Strengths and Weaknesses - Thoughts about our talents and our deficiencies, and why we do not need to despair.
Strong & The Weak, The - One of the ways of God is an insistence that the strong sustain the weak.
Succeed?, Why Do The Ungodly - 188 As Christians, we learn to give God the glory for our success, but what do we say about the ungodly who may be achieving more career success than we are?
Tale of Two Ladies, A - 186 We can learn much from these two very special women who wasted their all for God.
Teaching, The Value of - 325 We all admire great preaching, but we must not understimate the value of the careful teaching of the Bible.
Test God, Don't - 143 Yes, God has mades us wonderful promises of provision and protection, but we must be careful not to put Him to the test.
Therapy Enough?, Is - Every time a celebrity gets involved in a scandal which threatens to ruin their career they high-tail it to therapy. But therapy in itself has limited value.
"Things Happen for a Reason" - 266 Non-Christians like to say that "things happen for a reason." They are correct, but not in the way that they think.
Things to Come - 227 Yes, you can know your future!
Tolerance, The Limits of - Sometimes we push tolerance way too far.
Tough Side of Jesus - Yes, Jesus loves us, but He can also be pretty tough at times!
Tupperware, Life Lessons from the Amazing Story of - 149 A fascinating bio of Earl Tupper and Brownie Wise, the two individuals who created the incredible Tupperware phenomenon in the 1950's and 60's. Believe it or not, there are some important lessons believers can learn from Tupperware!
Use, The Law of - 295 Learn a major prerequisite for advancement and promotion in effective service, as we follow and abide in Jesus.
Value of Pain - How God uses pain in our lives, and our need to accept it.
Vanity of Vanities - A study of the book of Ecclesiastes and a research study by King Solomon, and a demonstration of the emptiness of life lived apart from God and Christ.
Walk with God - A study of what a walk with God looks like.
Water Your Life - 90  A teaching on how we can experience divine life springing up in every area of our life.
Wesley, Charles - The inspiring story of the forgotten Wesley
Wesley, John - Spirit-filled Methodist - A bio of the founder of the Methodist Church.
What is God After? - Life will make more sense, and you will have a far better ability to deal with your struggles when you understand what God is really after as He works in your life.
What Do You Have? - Great things happen when we use the small loaves and fish that we have.
Whatever He Does Shall Prosper - 288 A study of the amazing promise of blessing found in Psalms 1.
Which Direction are you Growing? - What matters is not really where we are, but rather which direction we are going.
Whitefield, George (Part 1) - 358 The youth, conversion, and early ministry of George Whitefield, one of the greatest preachers in the history of the church. article / mp3
Whitefield, George (Part 2)
- 359 The amazing ministry of George Whitefield, one of the greatest preachers in the history of the church. article / mp3
Whitefield, George (Part 3)
- 360 The further ministry of George Whitefield, plus the dramatic story of the last day of his life. article / mp3
Who will find you? - The Bible reveals that there are two great searches going on in the world today. Who finds you makes all the difference.
Will and to do of His Good Pleasure, To - 272 One of the major differences between grace and law has to do with motivation. Under law we do because we have to. Under grace we do because we want to!
Will God Say "NO"? - We have heard that God sometimes says yes and sometimes no to our prayers. So should we pray with resignation, hoping that He may say yes this time? Learn when and why we can pray with confidence, looking not for a "no," but for a divine YES!
William Borden - "No regrets" - A bio of the young man that spent his all on Christ.
Witnesses, His - 306 A study of the life and ministry of John the Baptist, and the parallel between John and every believer today - like John, we must announce the Messiah!
Witnesses to Christ's Return, Many - An overview of the many New Testament witnesses who all testify of the return of the Lord Jesus.
Work is Not in Vain, Our - 287 A study of 1 Corinthians 15, the resurrection chapter, and Paul's encouragement to believers to be steadfast and immovable.
Work of our Hands, Blessed in the, 270 Learn the reason you can trust God to bless all the work of your hands.
Work, The Beauty and Value of- A study of the Biblical view of work, and the importance of it in all our lives
"Works, I Know Your" - 307 Although salvation is "all of grace" Jesus is quite concerned that His people engage in good works.
World, Love not the - What the Bible means by "the world" in this context, and why a love for the world is such a fatal danger for the people of God.
Written, It is - The Word of God is the key to getting our prayers answered.

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