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These are messages produced by Spirit of Grace Ministries as a part of our ongoing "1250 Project." The audio versions normally run around 12 minutes. We intend, by God's grace and help, to produce 1,250 of these devotional messages. New titles are constantly being added, so check back frequently.

We provide these Bible resources to you at no cost. However if these teachings are being used by God to enrich your spiritual life, and you find yourself coming back to this website frequently, we ask that you consider making regular donations to help us carry on this ministry.

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Devo Teachings to Date

(The audio recordings run approximately 12 minutes, and make a great morning devotional. Feel free to download as many as you like and play them in your car player as you go to work.)

2-Phase Program, God's - 494 A study of how God first prepares His servants, and then launches them into the fullness of the ministry for which He created them. article / mp3
5 Rules for Answered Prayer
- 584 Is God willing to answer prayer? Are there rules that we should keep in mind when we pray? article/mp3
Abiding Life, The
- 175 Jesus commands us to abide in Him, and promises that if we do, we shall bear much fruit, our prayers will be answered, and the Father will be glorified. article / mp3
Abraham: "From One Man..."
- 274 An overview of God's salvation plan, and how He chose one man, Abraham, to begin a race of people He would use to make Himself known to the world. article / mp3
Acceptance - Key to Relationships
- 354 A study of Paul's admonition to accept one another just as Christ has accepted us. article / mp3
Adorn the Gospel
– 68  A study of how God uses attractiveness to decorate the gospel, and how the charisma of Christ is available to all God's children. article / mp3
Angels Call Him LORD -578 People tremble before Angels but Angels tremble before Jesus. article / mp3
African Missions, Lessons from – 89 Parallels between an African mission and the Christian life in general. article / mp3
Age, Benefits of - 342 Despite the obvious negatives, there are some tremendous assets to old age. Dennis gives a couple of Biblical examples where age proved superior to youth. article / mp3
Aging in Christ - 404 Some thoughts about why older believers are blessed, and why they would not want to "go back and do it all over again." article / mp3
Aggressive Christianity – 221  By considering the life of General U. S. Grant, we can learn how Christians are to "fight the fight of faith."article / mp3
Ali, Muhammad - 117 A parable about spiritual warfare. article / mp3
All We Have is a Gift
- 205 A study of three important questions Paul asks the Corinthian believers, which demonstrate clearly that none of us has any reason for boasting. article / mp3
Alone, Not Good to be
- 428 The first thing recorded in Scripture that was "not good" was the idea of a man being alone. Why people need people! article / mp3
Angry, Andrew Wommack Says God is Never Angry, But I Don't Buy It!
- 499 In this article Dennis shares excerpts from an artaicle by Andrew Wommack, stating that God is never angry with anyone, ever, and He will never judge any nation. Dennis thoroughly disagrees. article / mp3
Anointed with the Spirit
– 320  How the anointing of the Spirit works in us individually, according to God's own purpose and gifting. article / mp3
Anointing, Corporate
– 330  There is an anointing that comes upon groups, churches, and sometimes cities. We have called it revival, spiritual awakening, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. By any name it is a wonderful phenomenon for which all Christian should yearn and pray. article / mp3
Anointing for Non-preachers - 113 It almost seems that many Christians believe that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is FPO (for preachers only). Nothing could be further from the truth! article / mp3
Antichrist, The
– 222  A Biblical study of this mysterious and evil character prophesied to arise in the Last Days. article / mp3
Apostasy, Prescription for - 456 Dennis' response to the announcement by prominent former pastor, Joshua Harris, that he is no longer a Christian. article / mp3
Apostles vs Today's Ministers - 454 A study of how and why the apostles of the Bible days were so radically different from so many of today's ministers. article / mp3
Asbury Revival - Was it a Real Revival? - 572 Why is it so difficult to accept a great movement of the Holy Spirit? article / mp3
As For Me...
- 521 Dennis shares why American believers (and most other believers around the world) should be alarmed, but thankful and joyful, even while living in a world that is falling apart. article/mp3
Asking and Receiving - 475 When you learn just how strongly Jesus emphasized prayer and its ability to bring heaven's blessings into your life - you will pray! article / mp3
Associated Blessings - 409 Since we know that God's blessings are "all of grace," why is it that in some cases God puts conditions on His promises? article / mp3
Assuming Salvation - 437 The Bible warns us to not assume we are saved without first testing ourselves. The dangers of the worst assumption of all. article / mp3
At the King's Pleasure – 04  An enlightening study of the way we must serve our Lord Jesus. article / mp3
Bakker, Jim - The good, the bad, and the ugly - 268 Jim Bakker is truly one of the founding fathers of Christian television. His story is inspiring and heartbreaking. What can we learn from the life of this gifted, but fragile man? article / mp3
Balaam - A Strange Story and a Strange Guy!
- 328 Does the prophet who talked to his donkey have anything to say to us today? You bet he does! article / mp3
Balaam, Part 2 - The Thing to Fear
- 329 A further and important lesson from the story of Balaam. Here we learn the one thing we Christians are allowed and even encourged to fear. article / mp3
Beasts that Perish, Like the - 276 The psalmists describes the death of the sinner as that of beasts that perish. A meditation based on this sobering thought, an how the reverse is true for believers. article / mp3
Becoming Receivers – 484  Fundamentals of how we can receive from the giving hand of our generous Heavenly Father. article / mp3
Believer's Lifestyle, The - 289 A study of Romans 12, and Paul's instructions about how the followers of Christ are to live. article / mp3
Believing God's Love - 566 Do you believe that God really loves you as an individual or just humanity in general? article / mp3
Benefits of Abiding with Christ, Two- 588 Fruitfulness and answered prayer come with abiding in Christ.article/mp3
Berry, Raymond - Soft hands, transformed heart - 179 The testimony of the great football player, who was Johnny Unitas' favorite receiver, found Jesus Christ. article / mp3
Beyond the Minimum - 193 In Christ we receive the love of God which always gives the maximum; never the minimum. article / mp3
Blessed Coming In and Going Out-616 Do you know the key to receiving God's blessings? article/mp3
Blessings, Give Thanks for Temporary - 400 Many blessings come with a divine "expiration date" on them. This is not a reason to complain, but to thank God. article / mp3
Body and You, Your - 476 What the Bible teaches about our bodies - that we are not our body, but we live in our body. article / mp3
Body, While in the - 462 The Bible tells us that we shall all be judged and all Christians rewarded for the works they have done "while in the body." article / mp3
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich - Pastor, Theologian, Double Agent - 123 A fascinating glimpse of the life, ministry, and death of the German theologian who dared oppose Adolf Hitler. article / mp3
Bonnie & Clyde - and a lesson for all of us outlaws!
- 171 The story of the famous outlaw couple, which serves as a powerful illustration of why "turning ourselves in" to the source of divine law is infinitely preferable to continuing as an outlaw. article / mp3
Borden, William: "No Regrets"
- 157 The amazing story of a wealthy young heir who gave up all for Jesus. article / mp3
Boring Guys, In Defense of
- 411 Many of the qualities the world considers "boring" God consider immently valuable and important. Learn why boring can be better. article / mp3
Born This Way, I Was
- 109 Like it or not, much of what we are is the result of the "package" we receved at birth. Understanding this helps a lot in our life to make sense, and helps us to be less judgmental. article / mp3
Breakthroughs and Breakouts
- 99 Anyone who prays has found himself praying for a breakthrough at some point in his life - most of us often! Be encouraged to learn the way to your needed breakthrough! article / mp3
Builder of Men and Women, Jesus - 425 When Jesus saves us, our lives are usually in chaos and badly needing restoration. But just as the earth was without form and then was made beautiful by the creative hand of God, so it is with us. article / mp3
Called to Discipleship - 511 A look at the importance of advancing God's kingdom and the meaning of discipleship. article / mp3
Called to a Quiet Life - 28 Thoughts about the quiet life Paul encourages us to live. article / mp3
Can God Be Good? - 601 If God is good why do people suffer? Or would a good God prevent suffering at any cost even if it meant revolking free will? article/mp3
Charisma of Jesus, The - 202 Wherever Jesus went, people were drawn to Him. What was the source of this incredible magnetism that our Lord possessed? And could it be useful in our own lives? article / mp3
Celebrities and Their Causes -
562 Sadly, most well known personalities are not devoting themselves to causes of eternal significance. article / mp3
Children, Saved
- 301 The absolute necessity of helping our children find Jesus Christ. article / mp3
Christ and the Christian
- 195 Many times we recognize Jesus as a "past-tense" Savior, but fail to see Him as an ongoing Savior, our continual source of life and fruitfulness. article / mp3
Christ in Us - 279 A study of Galatians 2:20, the premiere declaration of what it is to live as a Christian. article / mp3
Christianity Lite  - 290 Many evangelicals have settled for a "lite" gospel which promises much, asks little, and shuns all negativity. article / mp3
Christl-less Christianity - 500 There is an anemia in many parts of the church today, due to a lack of Christ. Believers are starving by being fed principles, but not Christ. article / mp3
Christ's return, Many Witnesses to – 33 A look at the plethora of witnesses to Christ's return in the New Testament. article / mp3
Church, The Changing - 214 In case you haven't noticed it - the church is changing! In this devotional we see why it must be this way, and some of the things that must never change. article / mp3
Churchill, Winston - A Chosen Instrument but a Lost Man - 260 A sketch of the dramatic life of Winston Churchill, and a discussion of why God sometimes chooses men who do not know Him to accomplish His purposes in the earth. article / mp3
Commands, The Two Other - 386 We have heard about the two great commands of Jesus: to love God and to love our neighbor. But there are two others just as important! article / mp3
Compassion of Jesus, The - 369 A study of how our Lord Jesus was "moved with compassion," and the good news that is for us today. article / mp3
Confidence in Ministry - 309 Although ministry can be a fearful thing, yet there are very powerful reasons why God's children should approach this daunting task with confidence. article / mp3
Confess Their Sins?, Should Christians - 529 John says that if we confess our sins God will be faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us. But aren't Christians already forgiven? article / mp3
Conformed - The Good and the Bad - 321 Should believers be conformists? Yes and No. The Bible has strong things to say about the good and the bad of conformity. article / mp3
Confusion - It's not All Bad! - 215 Sometimes we are told that all confusion is of the devil and made to feel ashamed any time we can't figure out what going on in our lives. Learn why this is exactly wrong. article / mp3
Conservative, Jesus the
- 194 Was Jesus conservative or liberal? In this study Dennis shows that Jesus was for the most part conservative and traditional, but also radical, and in one sense very much liberal. article / mp3
Consider it All Joy
- 596 How can we be joyful in sorrow? article /mp3
Consolation, The God of
- 294 So often we want to console and comfort the hurting, but we feel inadequate. It is right that we should try, but God is the ultimate comforter and consoler of the weak and hurting. article / mp3
Conviction and Repentance
- 101 Whose job is it to convict the sinner of his sin - the Holy Spirit's or ours? The answer is... both! article / mp3
Coolness Factor, Jesus and the
- 196 Why Jesus will never be considered cool by this world's standards. article / mp3
Cornelius, What God Saw in
- 244 A study of the centurion, Cornelius, and the dramatic angelic message he received - and why! article / mp3
Crafted by God
- 399 We are no accident. You were made by God and He has a definite purpose in mind for your life! article / mp3
Culture of the Bible
- 242 A study of Biblical culture and how it is to affect believers today. article / mp3
Culture War in America
– 78  Thoughts about the American culture war, and how Christian are to respond to a society that is growing increasingly hostile to Biblical morality. article / mp3
Culture War, More Thoughts About The - 487 A survey of the radical difference between Christian vs secular culture. Why evangelicals think the way they do. article / mp3
Culture within a Culture - 213 The church of Jesus Christ is called to transcend our local culture and to truly become a culture within a culture. article / mp3
Cup is Full, When the - 265 The Bible teaches that God's wrath is stored, little by little, and then eventually poured out, once the cup is full. Is America's cup filling up? article / mp3
Damaged People
- 380 Some people just don't seem equipped to navigate through this world. Why those who are strong must help those who are not. article / mp3
Danger of Self Deception -
519 One of the scariest insights we can grasp is that it is possible for us to be sure we are right – and be dead-wrong! article / mp3
Daniel - A Remarkable Man
- 278 An overview of the life and character of Daniel, the Jewish prophet who served Babylonian kings. article / mp3
David & Bathsheba
- 176 Insights into David's infamous sin of committing adultery with Bathsheba and having her husband killed. article / mp3
David and Joab, The Strange Relationship between
- 392 A study of the why and how David endured Joab as his top military life throughout his reign. A great lesson for leaders in business or the ministry! article / mp3
David's Melancholy Prayer
- 611 Like David, we are all strangers and sojourners in the present world. But who would want to live here forever anyway? article/mp3
David's Violent Life - The Price He Paid
- 439 Kind David was an anomaly - he lived a very violent life, and yet he was a man of God who wrote beautiful poems to the Lord. article / mp3
Day of Christ 1 – The Resurrection
– 75 A study of the first event of the Day of Jesus Christ – the resurrection from the dead. article / mp3
Day of Christ 2 – The Rapture – 76  A teaching on the second event of the Day of Christ – the Rapture of the church. What is it, and why do we need to think about it? article / mp3
Day of Christ 3 – Judgment Seat of Christ, The – 45  The third event of the day of Christ. What is it for? Why will we be there? article / mp3
Days of Noah, As it was in the - A study of Jesus' famous declaration that the Last Days will be similar to the days of Noah and the days of Lot. article /mp3
Death Sentences – 36  We all feel those "sentences of death" in our lives from time to time. Why this is and why we can still maintain our faith even in such situations. article / mp3
Decisions 1 - Impact of Decisions – 47  The huge impact decisions will make in your life. article / mp3
Decisions 2 - Easy Decisions
– 51  In some decisions we have it easy. Those decisions have already been made for us. article / mp3
Decisions 3 - Conservative Approach, A
– 52  In making decisions, the Bible generally recommends a conservative approach. article / mp3
Decisions 4 - Non-conservative decisions
– 53  While God generally encourages conservative living and choices, there are times when He asks us to do things that are decidedly "un-conservative." article / mp3
Decisions 5 - Spirit-led decisions
– 58  In decision making logic and common sense are valuable, but we must never forget to trust the Holy Spirit to lead us. article / mp3
Decisions 6 - Impulsive Decisions
– 62  One of the worst Bible words is "haste;" one of the best is "consider." article / mp3
Decisions 7 - Deciding for your future
– 67  Regardless of what a wreck you have made out of your life, as you change your decisions, you can change your destiny. article / mp3
Deity of Christ, The
– 06  One of the major doctrines of the Scriptures pertaining to our Lord Jesus. article / mp3
Delay, The Blessing of – 74 How God uses delay in the life of His children to grant blessings that far exceed the petitions. article / mp3
Delay and Perseverance - 391 A study of the power of perseverance in the face of delay. It we want God's best, we must learn this lesson. article / mp3
Deliverance from Our Personal Prisons - 514 Could there be a simple key to being released from our personal struggles? Dennis explores the impact of thankfulness. article / mp3
Delusions and their Cure - 283 Delusions make up a major aspect of mental illness. But far more destructive are spiritual delusions... article / mp3
Demands of Jesus - 211 Jesus' call is a call to discipleship. And He makes definite demands of those who would follow Him. article / mp3
Desires of our Heart, Given the - 127 One of our favorite Bible promises is found in Psalm 37: "Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart." A study of just how God fulfills this promise in our lives. article / mp3
Devo, The Creation of
- 371 A devo about devos! In this little devo Dennis shares how the idea of the devo was birthed through a failure in his ministry. article / mp3
Did James and Paul Preach the Same Gospel? - 563 Did Paul's emphasis on grace overide James emphasis on works? Did they disagree about the road to salvation? article / mp3
Diet of Christ - 501 So many in the church today are neglecting Jesus, and they are malnourished as a result. Here we'll look at the apostle Paul, and his example. article / mp3
Disappearance of Jesus from Christmas
- 460 Why has Jesus disappeared from American Christmaas celebrations, and what can we do about it? article / mp3
Disappointments, Overcoming Major
- 412 Life would be so much better if it weren't for all the unexpected, incredibly painful disappointments. Why would God do/allow such things? And how can we overcome the death of our dreams? article / mp3
Disappointments and Consolations
- 447 Every one of us will face disappointments in life, but we need to realize that when God allows major disappointments, He grants major consolations. article / mp3
Discipleship and Salvation
- 384 Can one be saved and not be a disciple of Jesus. In this study Dennis shares the necessity of life transformation in salvation. article / mp3
Disciplined Life, A
– 84  One of the major marks of being a disciple of Jesus is discipline. Discipline scares us but it doesn't need to. Learn why there is hope for us all. article / mp3
Disposable People - 239 We throw away Styrofoam coffee cups, paper plates, and plastic razors. Sadly we also throw away people and relationships. A study of our need to preserve relationships. article / mp3
Distractions, Beware of - 104 Why we must "lay aside every weight" and keep a single-minded devotion to Christ. article / mp3
Distractions and Foundations
- 463 Even though we live in an age where we have more knowledge available than ever before, Christians don't seem as Biblically literate as in previous generations. The problem: we are far too distracted! article / mp3
Does God Have a Diet for Men & Women? -
608 The Bible mentions food a lot and a very special type of bread in particular. article/mp3
Don't Lose Your Reward
- 541 Sadly many Christians are unaware of the rewards that are lost as a result of errant disobedience. article / mp3
Don't Worry but Plan - 600 The perfect balance of trust and preparation can produce great results as we seek the Lord. article/mp3
Do Sinners Need to Repent? -
603 Does the need to repent go away when a person becomes a Christian? article/mp3
Do What You Can
- 471 New believers are often very eager to be used by the Lord, which is as it should be. But sometimes they become overeager and reach for levels and ministries which God never ordained for them. This message brings encouragement to those who realize that maybe they won't be quite all they hoped to be, but can still achieve great things. article / mp3
Dreams, Cautions about Following Your
- 97 "Follow Your Dreams" is one of the most popular slogans around these days, but there are some basic cautions Christians need to understand in this area. article / mp3
Dreams, Lord of Our - 461 Followers of Christ must balance dreams of greatness with God's plan for their lives, and learn to be flexible when God wants to modify their ambitions. article / mp3
Dynamic Duo: Combining Theology with Godly Behavior - 137 A study of Paul's epistles, and how he combines Christ-centered theology with a call for godly living. article / mp3
Early Days in Christ, My
- 373 Dennis shares about those exciting, turbulent, challenging, early days after giving his life to Jesus. article / mp3
Editing Your Life
- 129 - Editing is not just for writers and filmmakers - God is in the business of editing lives. And He calls us to join in the process! article / mp3
Eichmann, Adolf - Bureaucratic Murderer
- 232 A biographical sketch of the notorious Nazi, Adolf Eichmann, and thoughts about how he serves as a parable to all of us. article / mp3
Elect of God, The
- 250 Christian are called "elect" and God makes it plain that just as we chose Him, He chose us. A look at this perplexing, but clearly Biblical concept article. / mp3
Elijah, the Widow, and the Dried-up Brook
- 341 A study of how God called Elijah to move from living by a brook to going to Sidon to live with a widow - and how he uses "dried-up brooks" in our lives. article / mp3
Emancipation Proclamation, The Christian's
- 262 A study of Romans 6, and its powerful declaration that "sin shall not have dominion over you." article / mp3
Enemy, Your Most Persistent
- A Biblical study of lust and the role it plays in the lives of both unbelievers and Christians. article / mp3
Equal in Christ
– 43  In Christ there is neither male nor female, nor any other divisions, for we are all one. article / mp3
Equipped Beforehand - 466 Jesus is so intent upon His servants being effective in their callings, He will prepare and provide for that calling long before they know they have it. article / mp3
Evangelicals – 30  A study on what makes an evangelical an evangelical. article / mp3
Evangelist, Every Christian - an - 150 A study of evangelism. Not every Christian is called as an evangelist, but every believer should make evangelism a major priority as he walks in the gifts and calling of God. article / mp3
Evangelists, A Tale of 3
- 407 In the 1940's three evangelists seemed poised to shake the world. Once actually did but the other two failed miserably. What happened with these three men is a great cautionary tale for all of us. article / mp3
Every Eye Shall See - 575 Why are we told to watch for the return of Christ? article / mp3
Evil, The Insanity of
– 335  Sick is the new evil. In our progressive, secular society, media are often afraid to label evil for what it is. There is an insanity to wickedness, but it is a moral insanity. article / mp3
Examine Yourself - 528 Paul tells believers to "examine themselves." Why would he say that? article / mp3
Exclusionary Promises, The
– 64 There are three lists given in the New Testament which describe those people whom you will never see in heaven. article / mp3
Expert, The - 436 In many areas of life we have "experts" who can teach us much. But where is the expert on life after death? Of course Jesus is that expert! article / mp3
Eye Has Not Seen - 587 The hope of heaven and an eternity with Christ can invigorate us today. article/mp3
Failure and Success - 247 Why God lets us fail, and the path to success. article / mp3
Fair, Life's Not - Or Is It? - 423 Life does not seem fair. Some people are born with all the advantages, while others are born with few. An eternal perspective helps us deal with this. article / mp3
Faith, Jesus Taught - 208 As you study the life and teachings of our Lord Jesus with an open heart, you cannot escape the fact that Jesus was a big promoter of faith in God. article / mp3
Faith and Behavior - Faith is inseparably linked to behavior. To believe in Christ is to obey Christ. article / mp3
Faithfulness in Every Season, God's - 453 In the good times and in the bad, in the comfortable seasons of your life and in the incredibly challenging ones, God is faithful! article / mp3
Faithfulness - Key to Increase - 112 Every genuine Christian seeks more of God - more of His power, more of His love, and more of His fruitfulness in their lives. Learn the role faithfulness plays in bringing about this increase. article / mp3
Fasting & Prayer - Mighty Weapons of our Warfare - 138 A Biblical study of fasting and prayer, and why fasting is such a powerful complement to our praying. article / mp3
Fasting, Humbling Ourselves Through
- 532 The Bible teaches that fasting is a way of humbling ourselves. Why is this so important? article / mp3
Father, Jesus Reveals The
- 204 Throughout history, men and women have wondered about the exact nature of the Creator. We do not have to wonder - Through His teachings and through His life Jesus reveals the nature and Person of God our Father. article / mp3
Father's Discipline, The
– 305  A study of the way God disciplines those He loves. article / mp3
Father's Generosity, The - 465 Our Heavenly Father is generous with His children! Knowing this can build your faith and open amazing doors! article / mp3
Fear of God, Living in - 504 Dennis explains what it means to fear God and enjoy the comfort of the Holy Spirit at the same time. article / mp3
Feed Yourself
- 178 Many Christians do not read the Bible for themselves, and depend almost exclusively upon ministers and TV preachers for their spiritual nourishment. Learn why this is a serious error. article / mp3
Feeding on the Bread of Life
172 - Reading the Bible must be so radically different from the way we read any other book. We read not merely to learn, but to feed. article / mp3
Feeding on Jesus
350 - More insights on the importance of feeding on Jesus Christ as we read the Scriptures. article / mp3
Finishing Well
- 241 In the Christian life, as in every marathon race, it's not really how well you start - it's how you finish. article / mp3
Finney, Charles - Revivalist
- 116 A biographical sketch of the great nineteenth century American evangelist. article / mp3
Follow Your Heart, Don't
- 233 A study of the folly of yielding to every desire and passion we experience in a naive attempt to "be true to ourselves." article / mp3
Following Close Behind
- 286 A look at the passionate heart David had for God, and how he serves as a prototype for every New Testament believer. article / mp3
Folly of Agnosticism -
520 The Atheist says there is no God. The agnostic says there is no evidence for Him. In this study we see why agnosticism, while not quite as arrogant as atheism, is folly. article / mp3
Fool Most of the People..., You Can
- A Biblical study of hypocrisy. article / mp3
Ford, Life Lessons From Henry
- 183 A study of the early car manufacturer, and lessons for us about age, success, and humility. article / mp3
Ford, Tennessee Ernie (Pt 1)
- 331 The sad story of "Tennessee Ernie Ford," one of America's premiere entertainers in the 1950's and 60's. Ernie loved to laugh, and make others laugh, but his home life was anything but funny. article / mp3
Ford, Tennessee Ernie (Pt 2)
- 332 The continuation of the sad story of "Tennessee Ernie Ford" who saw phenomenal success publicly but lived in an increasingly dysfunctional family life. article / mp3
Foreknown, Predestined, and Called
- 451 Those whom God foreknew, He also predestined... This is a powerful declaration! article / mp3
Foreman, George - An Unusual Life
- 118 George Foreman's life has had more twists and turns than a river, but the greatest turn was the amazing experience that happened after losing a boxing match in 1977. article / mp3
Forgiveness: Key to Freedom
- 199 Are you feeling shut in, almost like being in a prison? This teaching about forgiveness may show you the way out! article / mp3
Forgotten Words of Jesus, The - 517 A serious look at how Jesus views sin and the potential consequences for those who refuse to truely repent. article / mp3
Foundation for Fruitfulness – 01  If you are eager to be fruitful in your walk with the Lord, you have to lay the right foundations in your life. article / mp3
Foundations for Ministry - 336 In this message Dennis shares some of the foundations God laid in his early years in Christ, which have made a huge difference in his life. article / mp3
Friends of God - 135 An encouraging devotional on what it means to be a friend of God. article / mp3
Fruit of the Spirit, The - 538
Galatians, Chapter 5 lists the fruits that must be cultivated in every effect Christian. article / mp3
Future of the Believer
- 182 The world scoffs at the idea of heaven, and many Christians ignore it. But to Jesus and to our Heavenly Father it is a big deal! article / mp3
Generation to Generation, From
- 508 Dennis reflects on how the grace of Jesus has passed from his life to his daughter's, and his granddaughter's. article / mp3
Gifts & Character
- 418 A study of why Christians fall, and the dire need we have to possess not only God's gifts, but Christ's character. article / mp3
God and Healing - 605 Does God still heal? article/mp3
God's Chosen Vessel - 586 Are you filled with living water and ready to be utilized by God? article/mp3
God Does Not Change - 583 Many things may shift with time but God remains the same. article/mp3
God Does Good - 585 Every good thing that we have to be thankful for, comes from God. article/mp3
God Gives "All Things" - 574 Can we trust God to supply what is needed to fulfill His will for us? article / mp3
God Helps Those - 530 We often hear the saying: "God helps those who help themselves." We know this is not in the Bible, but is there some truth in it? article / mp3
God Hides as We Seek
- 503 Waiting on God is tough. How are we to show faith when God seems elusive? article / mp3
God is Love
- 299 Nearly everyone believes that our Creator is a God of love. But things get kind of sticky when we face painful circumstances that are inexplicable. article / mp3
God is Love - Part 2 - 308 God wants the very best for you - but you must cooperate with Him to get it! article / mp3
God is no Pushover - 421 It is wonderful to contemplate the loving, gentle, and kind nature of our Heavenly Father, but we should not suppose that these qualities automatically mean that He is our cosmic bellboy or waiter. He is God, and sometimes He will have to remind us of this. article / mp3
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - 124 What's in a name? When it comes to God, there is a great deal. Learn why our Creator so frequently identifies Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. article / mp3
God Remembers, When
– 32  In times of pain and desperation, nothing can be so comforting and so encouraging as to remember that God is the God who remembers! article / mp3
God's Restraining Hand
– 27  So much  that we find theologically difficult can be explained once we understand God's restraining hand. article / mp3
God's Self-Definition - 604 Merciful and Holy, how can we continue in God's goodness and be spared His wrath? article/mp3
God Still Speaks - 576- Does God still guide His people and if so how? article / mp3
God's Word, Our Food
– 59  God's word is our food in ways far more literal than you ever thought. article / mp3
"God told me" - 100 The blessings and dangers of listening for God's voice. article / mp3
God Who Sees - 534 One of God's names is "The-God-who-sees." When you really get this, it will give you peace. article / mp3
Good Men & Women – 73  Are you a good person? Most evangelicals understand that in the ultimate sense, "there is none good, no not one." Yet, strangely the Bible speaks of good men and women. article / mp3
Good Old Days, The - 378 When life is pleasant we would love to hit the pause button and keep things just as they are. When things are rough we would love to hit the rewind button and go back to the good old days. But we must learn to roll with God's seasons. article / mp3
Good Men & Women - 533 The Bible makes it plain that there are none in this world that are good. And yet the Bible calls certain people "good" and even "blameless." How to understand this? article / mp3
Goodness and Severity of God, The
- 351 Paul admonishes us to "behold the goodness and severity of God." A study of why we must consider both these concepts. article / mp3
Goodness of God, The  – 91  It is only as we grasp and embrace the goodness of God that we can lay a foundation for real faith that leads to a lifetime of answered prayers. article / mp3
Gospel, Essence of the - 334 In attempting to help others to experience Jesus and salvation, we must be able to distinguish between the essentials and the non-essentials. article / mp3
Gospel Right, Get The – 02  So many Christians seems to get the Gospel wrong. A study of the nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ. article / mp3
Grace 1 - Grace Trumps Law – 98 To walk in the grace of Jesus Christ is to walk in victory. Therefore a study of grace is of incredible benefit. In this first lesson Dennis discusses how God's grace overides God's law. article / mp3
Grace 2 - Grace and Jesus - 345 Learn of the inseparable link between grace and Jesus Christ.To understand this is to see abounding grace in your life. article / mp3
Grace 3 - Grace & Prayer
- 110 When you really understand the unbreakable link between grace and prayer, you'll have no problem finding time to pray! article / mp3
Grace from the Father and the Son
- 132 A Biblical study of the link between the Father and the Son that we continually find in the New Testament epistles. The danger of emphasizing God the Father without reference to Jesus Christ. article / mp3
GRACE Has Appeared
- 446 This is a study of the classic passage from Paul's letter to Titus, where he announce that "grace has appeared," and this grace teaches us some very important things. article / mp3
Grace, Intervening
- 165 Although God has established laws and principles in our world, He is always ready to intervene into those laws and bring about a better conclusion when we approach Him at His throne of grace. article / mp3
Graham, Billy - Keys to His Success (Pt. 1)
- 317 A study of why Billy Graham was so successful at winning souls to Jesus for so many years. article / mp3
Graham, Billy - Keys to His Success (Pt. 2)
- 318 Continuation of a study of why Billy Graham was so successful at winning souls to Jesus for so many years. article / mp3
Graham, Billy - Keys to His Success (Pt. 3)
- 319 Conclusion of a study of why Billy Graham was so successful at winning souls to Jesus for so many years. article / mp3
Gravity, The Law of
– 49  The Spiritual law of gravity explained, which must be overcome if we are to endure and succeed spiritually over the long haul. article / mp3
Great Commission # 1 - Equally Loved - 234 Insights into Christ's commission for His people to take the gospel to all the nations. A study of the value of all people in the eyes of God. article / mp3
Great Commission # 2 - The Priority of Evangelism
- 235 The Great Commission of Christ forever establishes evangelism as a huge priority for His church, and for every single believer. article / mp3
Great Commission # 3 - Make Disciples
- 236 A study of discipleship and Jesus' command to His people to "Make disciples of all nations." article / mp3
Greatness, True
- 372 In some Christian circles we are continually encouraged to follow our dreams, pursue our destiny, and seek greatness, but when we read the epistles, we find a different goal for believers. article / mp3
Guilt - and Why We Need it
- 281 Guilt has a terrible reputation these days, but in truth it plays a very helpful and necessary role in our lives. article / mp3
Gut?, Go with Your
- 482 People are always saying that they must "go with their gut." But is this really good advice? article / mp3
Haggai - A Lesson in Obedience
- 296 A study of the ministry of Haggai, and the insight gained from this little book: "Obedience and repentance clear the way for the Holy Spirit." article / mp3
Hard-pressed, But not Crushed
- 181 When we are born again, we now possess a great treasure inside - but there must be some pressure in our lives, so that this treasure can be manifested. article / mp3
Harper, John - Hero of the Titanic – 226 The true story of the ministry of John Harper, the pastor who proclaimed Christ to the drowning passengers of the Titanic. article / mp3
Hate?, Are Christians Known by What They
- 361 Sometimes we evangelicals are characterized as being known more by what we hate than what we love. Is this legitimate? article / mp3
Healer, Jesus Our
- 201 A faith-inspiring overview of the Healing nature of our compassionate Savior. article / mp3
Healing, 2006 - My Year of
- 313 A personal testimony of devastating loss and emotional healing. article / mp3
Healing throughout the Bible
– 315 A comprehensive view of the wonderful truth that our God is a healing God. article / mp3
He takes away - that He may establish - 105 One of the ways of God is to take away the old before He establishes the new. The "taking away" is painful, but once the new has come, we know God does all things well. article / mp3
Heart Transplant - 237 A study of the amazing promise found in Ezekiel, which declares God will take away our stony heart and give us a new heart - a heart which will gladly keep His commandments. article / mp3
Heaven Gone?, Where Has - 442 Heaven has lost its attractiveness for many ministers, who rarely preach about it these days? What has happened to the doctrine of heaven? article / mp3
Heaven (Part 1) - Why Consider it? - 291 An overview of the Biblical doctrine of and emphasis upon heaven and our eternal future with God. article / mp3
Heaven (Part 2) - The Physical Aspect - 292 A study of the physical dimension of heaven. Contrary to the popular sterotype, heaven is not some mystical place where we will flit about from cloud to cloud. article / mp3
Heaven (Part 3) - The New Heavens and the New Earth - 293 A study of the actual nature of our eternal dwelling place, where we will rule (not sing) forever. article / mp3
Hell, The Problem of - 481 What will hell be like? Will it last forever? And why have preachers decided to keep so silent about it? article / mp3
Hidden Things, The - 413 We're all aware of Jesus' words about the hidden lives of hypocrites, but many do not realize that He also spoke of the hidden life of the godly. article / mp3
Hide & Seek – 03  Why God deliberately hides Himself, and why it is our job and privilege to find Him. article / mp3
Himmler - Lesson from a Wretched Life - 156 A sketch of the life and murderous career of Adolf Hitler's right hand man, and a powerful lesson for our generation. article / mp3
Hogan, Ben - Master Golfer
- 302-304 A bio of the great golfer, and lessons profitable for believers. article / mp3
Holds Our Breath and Owns Our Ways, The God Who
- 238 A study of the two attributes of God spoken by Daniel to King Belshazzar: God "holds our breath in His hand and owns all our ways." article / mp3
Holiness & Love of God, The
- 170 - These two attributes of the Almighty are both absolutely essential for us to grasp, and must always be kept in balance. article / mp3
How to Pray for the Lost
-614 Do you pray that God would draw lost people to Himself? article/mp3
Holy Spirit & Music, The
– 285  It is vital that God's people understand the relationship between the Holy Spirit and music. article / mp3
Holy Spirit a Person, Is the – 44  It is absolutely vital that we understand the Personhood and Personality of the Holy Spirit article / mp3
Holy Spirit, Be filled with the – 225  A Biblical study of the filling with the Holy Spirit. article / mp3
Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts, The
- 264 Amazingly, there are more references to the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts than in all the other books of the Bible combined! An overview of the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in this important book. article / mp3
Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, The
- 141 Contrary to what many assume, the Holy Spirit's filling is not strictly a New Testament experience. Learning the difference between then and now can give you faith for now! article / mp3
Holy Spirit, Three who met the
– 88  A study of how the Holy Spirit empowered and impacted the lives and ministries of D. L. Moody, Kathryn Kuhlman, and Billy Graham. article / mp3
Holy Spirit - A Second Experience - 324 Did you get all that you will ever need when you were saved? Well, ... not necessarily. There is a second experience. article / mp3
Homosexuality, Responding to - 133 Of all the organizations in America, the evangelical church has been one of the few hold-outs to the homosexual movement. Why can't Christians just fall in line and "get on the right side of history?" article / mp3
Hope, The Power of - 107 Hope has become the forgotten virtue. Learn why we all desperately need hope, and God's provision for it in all our lives. article / mp3
Hosea's Charge: Israel Did not Know
- 459 The prophet Hosea had some pretty severe things to say to Israel, and perhaps his greatest indictment was one that could apply to many today: "She did not know..." article / mp3
- 219 A biographical sketch of the world's greatest escape artist, and a powerful insight about the greatest escape of all. article / mp3
How Shall We Live?
- 509 Do Christians have a job description? Is the Bible a guide book or a rule book? article / mp3
Humbled, Tested, and Blessed
- 148 A study of God's purpose in Israel's wilderness wanderings, and how this applies to Christians today. article / mp3
Hyperization of America, The
- 452 American and our world have grown increasingly hyper in the last generation. Loud, fast talkers prevail on television, and everything moves faster, louder, and at a more hectic pace. Is this God's way? article / mp3
Hyper-Grace Heresy Pt 1, The (An Overview)
- 253 A study of one of the latest heresies popular among some TV - preachers. The idea that God never holds Christians accountable for their sins, and there is never, ever a need to repent or ask forgiveness of God. article / mp3
Hyper-Grace Heresy Pt. 2, The (Do Jesus' Words Mean Anything?)
- 326 A look at one of the bizarre claims of the hyper-grace preachers - the idea that Jesus' words and commandments are irrelevant for us today. article / mp3
Hyper-Grace Heresy Pt 3, The (Is God Always Pleased with Us?)
- 327 If it is impossible for us to ever displease God, as the Hyper-grace preachers tell us, then why does God's word command us again and again to seek to please Him? article / mp3
(Hypocrisy) - "You can Fool Most of the People..."
- 174 A study of hypocrisy, and the Biblical antidote for it. article / mp3
Ideologues, Christian
- 485 A look at ideologues in the body of Christ - people who see truth colored by their own ideological lens. article / mp3
If At First...
- 177 A study of why false starts and apparent failures in ministry are a vital aspect of God's program in building men and women He can use. article / mp3
Inconvenient Life, An
- 267 Jesus Christ calls us to follow Him, and to become His disciples. If convenience and ease are our goals in life, we automatically disqualify ourselves. article / mp3
If it be Thy Will
– 86  Must we always add "if it be Thy will" to our prayers. A study of the prayer of faith and why there are times we can approach the throne of grace boldly. article / mp3
I Love the Lord Because...- 592 Those who believe in Him, know that He is caring His children. article/mp3
In Christ – 07  The simple phrase "in Christ" is repeated again and again in the New Testament. Learn to thrill at the privilege of being "in Christ." article / mp3
Inconvenient Life, An - 267 Jesus Christ calls us to follow Him, and to become His disciples. If convenience and ease are our goals in life, we automatically disqualify ourselves. article / mp3
Inertia, The Law of
– 48  The spiritual law of inertia must be overcome if we are ever to launch out into all that God has for us. article / mp3
Inexhaustible Supply, An - 164 In Jesus Christ, there is an inexhaustible supply of grace for us in our times of need. We never need to fear going back to the Fountain again and again! article / mp3
Inexplicable Success
– 39  At the heart of the concept of "blessing" is inexplicable success – success that comes from God and cannot be explained by any earthly reasoning. article / mp3
In the Day of Evil, We Walk by Faith - 539 Is God present in our most difficult times? How do we employ faith in times those trials. article / mp3
Instruments for the Master
- 455 What an incredible thought - that we can be "instruments for the Master's use." article / mp3
Invitation, The - 376 In previous generations churches nearly all closed their services with invitations to receive Jesus Christ. Today the idea of an "invitation" has nearly disappeared. Is it valid? And if so, why don't churches (or individuals) do it anymore? article / mp3
Isolation and Insulation - 467 Our nation and much of our world is moving more and more to a state of isolation. What does God think about this? article / mp3
Israel, The Miraculous Restoration of - 122 The amazing restoration of the nation of Israel is awe-inspiring - and serves as a great object lesson for the human race! article / mp3
Jacob, The Transformation of
– 55  The story of Jacob's transformation to Israel is puzzling and yet powerful. Why was it that God "hated Esau and loved Jacob?"article / mp3
James and John Insisted on Obedience - 497 There is a strange doctrine today which says that Jesus and Paul preached 2 different gospels, Jesus preached law and Paul preached grace. If this were true (which it is not) what about James and John? article / mp3
Jerusalem - The City of God - 198 Amazingly the Bible teaches us that the city of Jerusalem is God's "home town," the city He has chosen as His base of operations. Learn about this mysterious city, and why it has tremendous relevance for Christians today. article / mp3
Jesus Believed the Scriptures - 565 Did Jesus discard the Scriptures that fortold His coming? Did His teaching replace the Old Testament? article / mp3
Jesus & the Holy Spirit – 224  A teaching on the unmistakable link between Jesus and the Holy Spirit. article / mp3
Jesus, Are You Smarter Than - 483 Those "progressive" secularists who deny the Bible and its key doctrines are really suggesting that they are "smarter than Jesus." article / mp3
Jesus in Our Fires - 435 The three Hebrew young men who were cast into Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace have a powerful lesson for us today. We all face our own fiery furnaces, but when Jesus is with us, all will be well. article / mp3
Jesus, Man of Controversy - 200 Many people have never considered it, but Jesus got into some intense arguments during His ministry, and labeled certain people "snakes," "fools," and "blind." article / mp3
Jesus the Gentleman – 60  Jesus had an amazing habit of showing up where He was welcomed, going where He was asked, and leaving when He was not wanted. article / mp3
Jesus to go to heaven?, Does everybody need – 94  An answer to those pesky questions like: "But what about the Jews, or that nice lady down the street who isn't a Christian?" article / mp3
Jesus the Prophet - 230 A look at the prophetic nature and gifting of the Lord Jesus, who operated as a prophet, as well as in other ministry gifts. article / mp3
Jesus Our Teacher
- 249 A study of Jesus' teaching ministry, which is still active today. article / mp3
Jesus' Teachings, Should We Ignore
- 486 Some suggest that Jesus' teachings in the gospels are totally irrelvant for "grace-Christians" today. But they are completely wrong! article / mp3
Jesus, The Tough Side of
– 81  We all know that Jesus is tender but we must also recognize that He has a tough side. A Biblical view of Jesus' "tough side." article / mp3
Jesus, Who is This? - 311 An overview of the nature and ministry of the Lord Jesus. article / mp3
Jesus Often Withdrew
- 429 We can learn much about the need to withdraw from all our busy-ness by studying the habits of our Savior. article / mp3
Jesus, Witnesses of
- 228 A study of the many different witnesses God provided, all confirming that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. article / mp3
Job Description, God's - 322 As God addresses Job, He declares His "job description." He declares those things which only He, our Creator, can do. Here we find that bringing down and resisting proud people is part and parcel of who God is. article / mp3
Job Description Part 2, God's (How Do We Humble Ourselves?) - 323 A closer look at our paramount need for humility, and specific means by which we are to humbles ourselves. article / mp3
Job's Second Complaint - 440 Job not only complained about how he, a good man, would have to suffer so much, but he also had a second complaint. Why do the wicked prosper and do so well in life? article / mp3
Jonathan's Fatal Mistake - 401 David's best friend Jonathan is one of the noblest characters in the Bible. But he made a serious mistake which cost him his life, a mistake which Christians today can easily make. article / mp3
Jones, Jim - Messiah of Death - 162 A bio of the terrible man behind the Jonestown mass suicide, and the powerful lesson we can all learn from Jim Jones. article / mp3
– 54  This amazing foundational doctrine can be eye-opening and can change the way you see your brothers and sisters in Christ. article / mp3
Justified by Faith/Peace with God - 337 A study of the classic verse in Romans which tells us that being justified by faith, we have peace with God through Christ. article / mp3
Keep God's Commands, Must We? - 540 Many who call themselves Christians don't demonstrate it in their actions. article / mp3
Kept by Christ
– 46  It is not our job to keep ourselves. We have a Keeper who is able to keep all that we commit unto Him until That Day. article / mp3
Key to Success - 527 One verse in problems gives us a key that can make a huge difference in the success or failure we see in our lives. article / mp3
Kindness to Sinners, God's - 473 We might suppose that God would always bless His children and make the lives of His enemies miserarable. But the truth is a little more complicated. Why is God frequently very kind to sinners? article / mp3
Knowing the True God - 523 It is not enough to "worship God" – we must worship the true God and have a genuine knowledge of Him. article / mp3
Korah, Rebellion of - 203 Powerful insights for Christians today, from the story of the rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. article / mp3
Lamps, Wicks, and Oil – 96 The Bible uses the imagery of lamps to describe believers. This is a teaching on the relationship between lamps, oil, and wicks to reveal our relationship with the Holy Spirit as we shine the light of Jesus Christ to the world. article / mp3
Lamps and Lampstands - 352 Thoughts on lamps and the need every lamp has for its own lampstand (We are Christ's lamps). article / mp3
Legalism, The New - 240 Contrary to popular opinion, Christian legalism is not just about preachers who preach against certain forms of dress. Legalism is an insidious spiritual virus which can take on many forms and evolve from generation to generation. article / mp3
Legalist, Confessions of a – 355  Dennis uses his own early pastoral experiences to illustrate how easily we can be caught up in a legalistic spirit, and why legalism is far more comprehensive than most think. article / mp3
Legion, Jesus and - 207 A powerful story of how our Savior delivered a hopeless and helpless man filled with demons - and an encouraging lesson that with God there is hope for the hopeless! article / mp3
Light Affliction, This - 597 How can our heavy burdens be considered "light"? article/mp3
Let Your Light Shine - 522 Most Christians are not called as preachers, but all Christians are called to glorify God through good works that have been ordained for them from the foundation of the world. article/mp3
Limitations of God – 22  Surely God does not have any limitations? Actually He does, and when you see what they are, you'll be glad He does. article / mp3
Lincoln Born-again?, Was Abraham – 92 A fascinating study of the evidence for the spiritual experience of our most popular president. article / mp3
Live Forever – 218  A contrast between the secularist, new age, and Christian views of the afterlife. article / mp3
Logic, The Insuffiency of - 61 Jesus' critics had what appeared to be air-tight logic in the reasons why He culd not possiblty be Israel's Messiah - and they were dead-wrong! Why logic and reason alone are never enough in relating to God. article / mp3
Looking for the Day of the Lord
- 120 Thoughts about Peter's prophecy of the burning up of our world and the creation of new heavens and a new earth - and why it is good for us to think about this. article / mp3
Lord, Lord, Not Everyone Who Says
- 480 A teaching about Jesus famous words warning us that not all who claim Him as Lord will enter heaven - and the powerful impications for us all. article / mp3
Lord willing, The
– 35  Why does James make such a big deal of us saying, "If the Lord wills…" article / mp3
Love, If I Have Not - 427 A study of Paul's 3 amazing introductory declarations which begin the famous "Love Chapter" of 1 Corinthians 13. article / mp3
Love & Marriage - God's Way - 256 A study of the phenomon of falling in love, and the much different experience of marriage that follows. article / mp3
Love Them?," The Problem with "Just - 393 Often we are told that Christians are to "just love the sinners" and never judge them, never say a thing about their ungodly lifestyles. But is this really Biblical? article / mp3
Love Thyself? – 258  Are we to love ourselves? A study of the self-love and self-esteem concepts, and how they differ from the view of the Scriptures. article / mp3
Lovely Song, As a- 581 Our devotion must be deeper than a pretty melody. article / mp3
Luther, Martin - Captive to God's Word - A bio of the great reformer. article / mp3
Lying Words - 273 A study of Jeremiah's rebuke of Israel for their lying words: "The temple of the Lord," and how even today we can be guilty of the same sin. article / mp3
Magnetism, Divine - 408 When the Holy Spirit is mightily at work, there is a strange phenomenon of attraction that works to draw people to meetings, to ministers, and ultimately to Jesus Christ. This is one of the most powerful weapons given to believers. article / mp3
Maintaining the Holy Spirit's Fire
– 40  It is not enough just to be filled with the Spirit. We must stay filled. article / mp3
Making of a man of God, The – 77  A study on the life and calling of Moses, and the means by which God shaped this man into a vessel for honor. article / mp3
Male and Female, He Made Them - 312 A study of the male/female relationship, and thoughts on marriage, sex, and God's plan for men and women. article / mp3
Male Leadership in Marriage - 297 It is a thorny subject, but it is an unquestionably Biblical subject. Dennis takes on the Scriptural charge: "Wives, submit to your husbands." article / mp3
Malachi - The Family Prophet - 458 The prophet Malachi was a little different than most of the prophets of the Old Testament - he had a lot to say about families! article / mp3
Man-centered vs God-centered Gospel - 448 The modern church is often guilty of preaching a man-centered gospel, which focuses upon things like achieving greatness, fulfilling our dreams, realizing our destiny. Somehow Christ is almost left out! article / mp3
Mantle, Mickey - 79 The story of the great but tragic baseball player, and how he found Jesus Christ in his last days. article / mp3
Marketing Agent, The Holy Spirit–God's – 38  We often have such a hard time getting the message of Christ out. Why we can trust the Holy Spirit to market the gospel. article / mp3
Marriage, Foundation for – 209  The tremendous failure rate in marriage is primarily due to faulty foundations. This teaching looks at the prevailing foundation of most marriages, and why it is so faulty. article / mp3
Marriage, Surprises, and Commitment
- 257 In some ways getting married is like Forest Gump's proverb: "You never know what you're gonna get." A study of marriage and how to handle the surprises we experience once the honeymoon is over. article / mp3
Mary's Maturity -
560 What did God see in Mary? What can we conclude about her life before the encounter with Gabriel? article / mp3
Means, Confidence in God's
- 168 Not only must we trust in God; we must have confidence in the means He places in our hands to glorify His name. article / mp3
Means, God and - Your key to victory
- 119 In our looking to the Lord for blessings, victories, and breakthroughs, there is a dynamiic duo that we must employ. We must pray, for sure, but we must also find and employ God's designated means. article / mp3
Memos from Jesus - 139 A look at the most important memos ever dictated: Jesus' memos to the seven churches, as seen in Revelation chapters two and three. article / mp3
Men, Power, and Sex
- 377 A study of men - why God gave them such a strong sex drive, and how they can keep that drive in check. article / mp3
Messy People
- 468 You may feel that your life and your history are just too "messy" for God to ever use you very much. Think again! article / mp3
Mighty Hand and Outstretched Arm, By A
- 314 A study of the expression: "by a mighty hand and outstreched arm." Here we see proof positive that God's deliverances are not limited to our "easy cases." article / mp3
Minister, Effective Grace to - 349 Paul and Peter were both anointed and given grace to minister effectively. But God graced them to minister to different peoples. article / mp3
Ministry, Unlikely Paths to (Part 1) - 338 A study of the fascinating journey God took David as he rose from boy-shepherd to king of Israel. And God is still creative and surprising in raising up leaders today! article / mp3
Ministry, Unlikely Paths to (Part 2) - 339 A study of the fascinating journey God took David as he rose from boy-shepherd to king of Israel. And God is still creative and surprising in raising up leaders today! article / mp3
Missing Ingredient, The - 169 In much of Christendom today Jesus is conspicuously absent. We learn principles, we study steps to freedom, but we fail to look to the great Deliverer. A study of the apostle Paul's great love for and appreciation of Jesus Christ. article / mp3
Money, What Jesus Taught about
- 245 A study of the teachings of our Lord on the subject of finances and material needs. article / mp3
Moral Laws Disappeared?, Have God's
- 163 A study of the moral laws still relevant for believers. article / mp3
Moses, As I was with - 271 A study of God's amazing words to Joshua found in Joshua 1. article / mp3
Moses, The Humanity and Humility of
- 191 A study of the great lawgiver, with emphasis upon the fact that Moses was very much human. article / mp3
Mueller, George – "The Great Experiment"
– 50  A bio of the great man of faith, George Mueller. article / mp3
Mutual Abomination - 594 Is it possible to be disgusted with the way someone lives and yet love them and desire the best for them? article/mp3
My Story (Dennis' Testimony) - 29 How Dennis Pollock was transformed from skeptic to believer. article / mp3
Natural and Unnatural - 210 A study of how God's gives gifts to us that make us "naturals" in certain areas. article / mp3
Nebuchadnezzar's Testimony – 11  The story of a king who lost his mind and discovered that God rules over all. article / mp3
Negative can be positive - In our escape to "eliminate the negative" we have sometimes gone way too far. article / mp3
Ness, Eliot - Nemesis to Al Capone - 206 A bio of the rise and fall of the famous prohibition agent who dared go after Al Capone, the most ruthless mob boss in America. article / mp3
Never Heard, What about those who have – 16  Are those who never hear the gospel safe? article / mp3
Never Hungry - 518 Jesus promises us that if we will come to Him we will never hunger or thirst. A devotional about the satisfying nature of Jesus Christ. article / mp3
New Birth, The – 95 A study of what it means to be truly born again. article / mp3
New Birth, Jesus and the - 229 Although liberals deny it, Jesus plainly taught the new birth. In fact He insisted upon it! article / mp3
New Things from God, Embracing 346 Try as we might, we can never hit the "pause" button, either on our own personal lives or on the church. We must learn to adapt to new things from our unchanging God. article / mp3
New Covenant, Components of the 403 In the eighth chapter of Hebrews we find a succint descriptino of the three major components of the New Covenant God establishes with His people through Jesus Christ. article / mp3
Newton, John - Author of "Amazing Grace" hymn - 394-397 We all know the hymn but few know the amazing story of the life and testimony of the author of the Amazing Grace hymn. article / Pt 1 mp3, Pt 2 mp3, Pt 3 mp3, Pt 4 mp3
Non-Christian "Christians" -609 Some who claim to follow Christ will be suprised when judgement day comes. article/mp3
No Other Name - 515  A study of the exclusivity of Jesus Christ, and why this has always and will always be a trademark of true evangelicals. article / mp3
Nourisher, Jesus Our - 167 The key to be nourished and to flourish as you follow Christ. article / mp3
Nuclear Holocaust, Does the Bible Predict a
– 08  A case for a nuclear holocaust revealed in the book of Revelation. article / mp3
Old & New Man, The - 144 Why do we do those things that we hate and fail to do that which we know is right? It all has to do with an old man, and understanding the old and new man will give you victory where there has always been failure! article / mp3
Old Testament, The Value of the
- 263 Why should we read the Old Testament? A study of the value of the Old Testament for Christians. article / mp3
Order to Chaos, Bringing
- 145 When Christ comes into our lives, He brings the rule and the order of God with Him. As we abide in Him He uses us to extend that rule and order. article / mp3
Ordinary Days
- 370 Many of us fail to see just what a blessing ordinary days can be for the Chirstian. article / mp3
Ordinary People -
282 We celebrate, admire, and elevate the extraordinary, the beautiful, the super-talented. But most of us are so... ordinary. Is there any hope for us? article / mp3
Organize - Or Pay The Price!
- 155 A Biblical overview of the importance of organization, and the high price we pay when we fail in this area. article / mp3
Our "Safe Place" -
525 We all long for a "safe place," a place where we feel secure, loved, and safe from the dangers that constantly surround us. In this article we see the nature of God's safe place He has provided for us all. article / mp3
Out and Back
– 15  Why God makes excellent use of sending us out – and then calling us back. article / mp3
Outlasting our Foes - 115 When we face the enemy's attacks, we love it when we can defeat him with a single blow, David and Goliath style. But sometimes we find our victory simply by outlasting him. article / mp3
Overcomes, He Who - 438 In the Book of Revelation, we find amazing promises given to "him who overcomes." But who exactly is the overcomer? article / mp3
Overwhelming Evidence for God & Jesus Christ - 606 The Athiests protests and believers respond with evidence. artcle/mp3
Pain, The Value of - 154 While we instinctively do all we can to avoid pain, the call of Christ is a call to embrace the pain of self-denial daily. Here is a little heralded key to success and fruitfulness. article / mp3
Pandemic, The Universal
- 495 Our entire world is caught in the crip of a terrible pandemic - one that no doctor can cure. But God has provided His own solution. article / mp3
Panic, Don't
– 26  In times of stress, a reason you never need to panic. article / mp3
Paul, The Preparation of
- 243 A study of how Jesus converted this persecutor of the church, and crafted him to become an apostle. article / mp3
Paul/Barnabas Split, The
- 388 A study of the spiltting asunder of the great ministry team of Paul and Barnabas. article / mp3
Paul's Obsession with the Gospel
- 559 Regardless of where Paul was, his love for the Gospel message was evident. article /mp3
Paul's View of Christ's Return
– 70  A Scriptural view of what the great apostle thought and taught about the return of the Lord Jesus. article / mp3
Paying the Price – 57  Although the Holy Spirit is a free gift, there is a price to pay to enjoy His fullness in our lives consistently. article / mp3
People Assignments
- 450 One of the ways that God shapes us into the image of His Son is to give us "people assignments." He puts people in our lives and commands us to love them, care for them, and bear with them. article / mp3
Perfect Submission, All is at Rest
- 362 In submission there is perfect rest. article / mp3
Perseverance, The Power of - "Never Give Up!"
- 159 A study of the Syrophoenican widow's amazing refusal to accept anything other than the desire of her heart. article / mp3
Personal Savior
- 506 Calling Jesus our "personal Savior" used to be popular, but it is rarely heard these days. Dennis shares why this concept is still highly relevant. article / mp3
Philip, the Evangelist
- 406 One of the greatest models for effective evangelism is Philip. He was not one of the apostles, but he was a near-perfect role model to all would-be soul winners. article / mp3
Pierce, The story of Bob
– B12  Bob Pierce's life and ministry was a complex combination of glory and failure, of power and weakness. Learn a vital lesson from the testimony of this gifted, yet flawed man. article / mp3
Planting of the Lord, The - 269 A study of the power and blessings that come when we stay in the place the Lord has planted us. article / mp3
Play it Safe
- 389 It is not a lack of faith to live prudently and conservatively. We find that even Jesus did so! article / mp3
Pleasing God: Is it even possible?
152 A Bible study about the possibility of, and power to, please our Heavenly Father. article / mp3
Plentiful Rain, A
- 185 It is a mark of our humanity that we get weary at times - sometimes bone weary. The great news is that it is a mark of God's divinity that He sends plentiful rains to refresh His weary children. article / mp3
Portal to Heaven
- 153 A study of how the temple of God in Jerusalem served as a portal to heaven under the Old Covenant, and the New Covenant replacement, which is available to us today! article / mp3
Positioned by God
- 477 A study of how God positioned Esther to fullfill His purposes for her life and for His people - and how He positions us. article / mp3
Potiphar was Blessed, Why
- 402 In the story of Potiphar and Joseph we find a powerful key to understanding how we may enjoy the favor of heaven! article / mp3
Pray!, Don't Just
- 217 Prayer brings victory and heaven's favor, but most of the time there will be some changes needed! article / mp3
Prayer/Grace Connection, The
- In the kingdom of God prayer and grace are closely linked together. Where you find one, you will find the other. article / mp3
Prayer Investments
– 69  Prayer is transformed from a dull obligation to an exciting, faith-filled privilege when we see it as it truly is – an investment in our future! article / mp3
Prayer: Will God Give Me Whatever I Ask? - 479 Wrestling with the thorny issue of balancing the wonderful prayer promises of God vs turning God into a cosmic Santa Claus. article / mp3
Praying God's Word – 85  One of the most dynamic and effective keys to getting your prayers answered is to pray the words of God. This lesson could prove invaluable to your prayer life! article / mp3
Predestination – 13  A discussion of one of the great mysteries of Christian theology. article / mp3
Preparation and Prayer - 445 To attain all that our gracious God has ordained for us in life, we must prepare - and we must pray! article / mp3
Pressing Through - 298 Sometimes when we face struggles and obstacles we assume God is telling us we are on the wrong track. But often we just need to "press through." article / mp3
Priorities of a Believer - 385 Christians are different in many ways, and no two callings are exactly alike. But when it comes to priorities, there are three "biggies" which should be shared by every follower of Christ. article / mp3
Promises of God, The – 87  Why the promises God has made in His word are all important, and why we must become skillful in the use of these promises. article / mp3
Prosperity, Abundance, and the Apostle Paul - What the great apostle thought about wealth. article / mp3
Prosperity, A Biblical View – 71  A balanced approach to the idea of the prosperity in the life of believers. article / mp3
Pruning Shears, The Father's - 220 If you have recently felt a sense of loss, and things precious to you have been taken away, you need to hear this! article / mp3
Put on Kindness, Preserve Relationships - 516 In this study Dennis discusses the "kinder, gentler" qualities demanded of followers of Christ, and why they are so vitally important in preserving relationships. article / mp3
Psalm 119 – 34  A Christian perspective of this amazing Psalm, which makes us the longest chapter in the Bible. article / mp3
Psalm 139 - 488 One of the most beautiful and inspiring Psalms of the Bible, Psalm 139, emphasizes just how intimately our Heavenly Father knows us. article / mp3
Psalm 15 - The One Who Lives with God - 443 A study of this amazing Psalm, which describes the nature of the man or woman who "lives with God." article / mp3
Quest, The Great – 310  A look at the game of life and the ultimate quest. article / mp3
Quiet Life, A
– 28  God calls His people to live quietly. article / mp3
Racism - It's Cause & Cure - 476 A teaching about the pernicious nature of racism in the world, and the Bibles answer for this problem. article / mp3
Racism, Systemic - 478 Is America saturated with "systemic racism?" The statistics do not indicate this. article / mp3
Rain, A Plentiful - 185 It is a mark of our humanity that we get weary at times - sometimes bone weary. The great news is that it is a mark of God's divinity that He sends plentiful rains to refresh His weary children. article / mp3
Rainy Seasons
- 134 Although we fear and dread them, droughts of various kinds, physical, spiritual, and emotional, are a reality to all of us. But in the goodness of God, we also discover rainy seasons which overrule our droughts and bring a surge of new life. article / mp3
Ravens, Lilies, and Sparrows
- 136 A discussion on the parables Jesus used to demonstrate the generosity and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father. article / mp3
Reason to Rejoice, The Best
- 449 We may have many reasons to be happy and rejoice in Jesus, but our Lord tells us the best reason of all. article / mp3
Receiving from God
- 280 Learning how to receive from God is the greatest of all possible skills. There are diving protocols to asking and receiving. Learn them, and be blessed! article / mp3
Refreshing the Weary
– 65 When you grow tired and feel you cannot go a step further, stand still and know that through Jesus Christ, God is the Refresher of the weary. article / mp3
Reinvents You, When God - 434 A study of how God can and often will reinvent us - He will change our ministry or our life into something we never expected without so much as an "if you please." article / mp3
Repent, Commanded to – 19  Why repentance is a vital part of the gospel of Jesus. article / mp3
Repentance, Fruits of - 472 There are a number of Christians who suggest that faith need not be accompanied by repentance. But the Bibles says differently! article / mp3
Repentance, The Necessity of – 63  Why repentance is a vital aspect of the gospel of our Lord Jesus, and must be proclaimed. article / mp3
Repentance, Our God Grants – 42 Why does God have to "grant" repentance? article / mp3
Repetition, The Power of - 128 If you want to grow strong in the things of God, apply the princple of repetition. article / mp3
Repositioning, Divine - 316 God is an expert "transplanter" and "repositioner." Just about the time we start to get comfortable, we sometimes hear the call to move along. article / mp3
Respect - Vital Component of God's Love - 444 The Love of God is so big and so comprehensive it is hard for us to get a firm grasp on it. But to even begin to understand God's love we must recognize the importance of respect. article / mp3
Responsibly, Living - 374 Once we have received Christ, we are called to live responsibly to God and to people. In this study Dennis considers what that looks like in our lives. article / mp3
Rest in Christ, Finding - 535 Human beings need a place of rest – a situation where peace and stability are the norm. God understands this, and He makes a way for this to happen for us. article / mp3
Resurrection and The Life, Jesus - The - 231 Insights from the dramatic account of how Jesus raised His friend Lazarus from the dead. article / mp3
Rewards for Believers, Three
- A study of three different activities Jesus addresses, and promises rewards from our Father who sees in the secret place. article / mp3
Rich Man and Lazarus, The - 343 A study of Jesus vivid parable about a rich man and a poor beggar who die and find themselves on opposite ends of Hades. article / mp3
Right in Their Own Eyes - 536 Many people have set their own standards. Three negative indicators both contribute to and cause today's muddy theology. article / mp3
Right to test – 20  One thing you must be clear about: God takes for Himself the right to test His children, as often as He wants and to the degree that He chooses. article / mp3
Righteousness - At the Heart of the Gospel - 151 The gospel of Jesus Christ is not about enhancing our self-esteem or improving our ability to win friends and influence people. It is all about righteousness. article / mp3
Righteousness, The Fruits of
- 333 A study of the Biblical phrase: "the fruits of righteousness which are by Jesus Christ." article / mp3
Risk-takers and Conservatives
  - 31  A study of two distinctly different personality types, and God uses each type. article / mp3
Roberts, Evan and the Welsh Revival - 158 The fascinating story of how God used a young coal miner to set Wales ablaze with the fires of revival. article / mp3
Roberts, Oral - Champion of God's Healing Power - 340 A bio of the controversial Oral Roberts. article / mp3
Room for You, God Will
- 498 Each of us has a special place, a special environment created by God for us. We learn that we are not able to come into this place by our own strength, but as we trust in Jesus and follow Him, He will "make room for us." article / mp3
Ruthless, Radical Christianity
-580 Josiah was one of God's most favored kings and he had a sober job to do. article / mp3
Salt and Light
- 470 Jesus tells us that we are important! In this study, Dennis explores what it means to be "the salt of the world" and "the light of the world." article / mp3
Samson - Anointed Deliverer
- Insights into the incredible life and tragic death of Samson - the good, the bad, and the ugly. article / mp3
Scriptures, Jesus and the
- 246 When we see just how respectful our Lord Jesus was of the Scriptures, we will come to recognize their importance in our lives. article / mp3
(Seasons) Different Seasons / Different Rules
- 216 Each new season of our lives comes complete with different requirements, rules, and ways of life. The wise person will seek the Lord and discover those ways. article / mp3
Seasons of our Lives
- 111 Our lives are comprised of seasons. Understanding this and learning to cooperate with God's purposes in each season can be liberating! article / mp3
Secret Place, The
- 567 Psalm 91 holds great hope for those who are willing to seek out God's secret place and live there forever. article / mp3
Secularization of America, The- 564 The secularization of America has been a product of several dangerous trends in the church and culture. The results are catastrophically destructive. article / mp3
Secular Folks Just Don't Get Us -
512 There are Biblical reasons why Christians will always seem odd to unbelievers. article / mp3
Secure Place, A
- 496 For each of God's children God has a place of rest, a secure place where we may thrive, prosper, and bear good fruit. article / mp3
Seek the Lord! -
261 Throughout the Bible we read again and again that we must "Seek the Lord." A study of just what this seeking entails, and the blessings that flow out of it. article / mp3
Seek with all your heart, When You - 108 The story of how one man changed the course of a nation by seeking the Lord, and a brief glimpse of what seeking God may mean in your life. article / mp3
Seeker Sensitive Movement – the Good, the Bad, and the Silly
– 80  An overview of the pros and cons of this movement which has had such a major impact on the church. article / mp3
Seeking God Like Silver-615 Are you really hunting for heavenly treasure? article/mp3
Self-Confidence, God's Alternative to - 284 Confidence is important, but confidence in ourselves is spiritual death. Learn God's alternative to self-trust. article / mp3
Self-Esteem, Problems with - 502 A brief look at the difference between self-esteem and Christ-esteem. What does the Bible say about loving yourself? article / mp3
Sense of Self, A Biblical - 505 Our identity is found by abiding in Christ. The worldly concept of self-value is lacking without Christ. article / mp3
Separate People, A – 24  Believers in Christ are called to be separate from the world. This doctrine has grown out of favor in modern times, but it is still as relevant as it ever was. article / mp3
Servant of the Lord – 09  The call to follow Christ is the call to be a servant. article / mp3
Setting Aside Time for God - 344 A study of the concept of seeking God through prayer, fasting, and making time for Him. article / mp3
Shepherd, Jesus Our Good - 367 A study of one of the most important roles of Jesus in the Christian's life and experience - Jesus our Shepherd. article / mp3
Shock Absorbers, Human - 457 Here is a vital key to maintaing great relationships, and repairing broken relationships. article / mp3
Silence, When God Broke His - 422 Why did God allow those mysterious 400 "silent years" to elapse before the birth of His Son. And whey did God suddenly become so talkative? article / mp3
Simeon and the Holy Spirit - 595 How did Simeon know who the infant Jesus was? article/mp3
Sinners, Nice - 146 Not all sinners are obnoxious, nasty, surly, mean individuals. The truth is, there are some non-praying, non-church-attending, non-worshiping unbelievers who are pleasant, likeable individuals. How can this be? article / mp3
Sin the same, Is all?
– 12  Many have heard the "all sin is the same" myth so often they have assumed it comes from the Scriptures. article / mp3
Sisk, The Story of Wayne "Skinny" - 275 The fascinating story of a World War II soldier, a member of that famous "Band of Brothers" who found Jesus. article / mp3
Sitting around Waiting for Jesus' Return – 05  Those who love the return of our Lord Jesus are sometimes accused of "sitting around and waiting for Jesus' return." We are not called to sit, but we are most definitely called to wait, look for, and love the return of the Lord Jesus. article / mp3
Skilled in the Word - 180 Of all the areas of skill and expertise there are in this world, for the Christian there is no skill like skill in the Word of God. article / mp3
Slippery Slopes
- 147 Thoughts on the vital need for believers to "see the danger and take refuge." article / mp3
Slowness & Speed of God, The
- 121 Strangely, the Scriptures indicate that God is slow... and fast! At times He requires us to endure long periods of difficulties, but when His time has come, He can move with blazing speed. article / mp3
Snead, Sam - A Parable
- In a series of bets between a Cuban businessman and golfer Sam Snead, we have a perfect illustration of what it means to be an instrument in the hands of our Lord. article / mp3
- A study of three illustrations Paul used to describe the Christian life. article / mp3
Solomon's Preoccupation with Death
- 347 In the book of Ecclessiastes, Solomon laments again and again about the tragedy of death, and declares that because of this life is vanity. Really? article / mp3
Solomon's Preoccupation with Death (Part 2 - Contrasting Solomon with Paul)
- 348 An amazing contrast between two brillian men: King Solomon and the Apostle Paul. article / mp3
Solution for a Stiff neck
- 173 A study of two twins, Determination & Stubbornness. One is very, very good, and the other very, very bad. article / mp3
Source of Lawlessness
– 18  What is behind all the wickedness in our world? article / mp3
Sovereignty of God – 17  The church today needs a great big dose of the sovereignty of God, and you can certainly find it when you open your Bible and begin to read. article / mp3
Sovereignty of God in the Last Days - 390 In the book of Revelation we see a powerful demonstration of the judgment of God upon a wicked world - and we also see a clear indication of God's sovereign power over all things. article / mp3
Spankings and Worldviews - 277 Thoughts on the vast difference between the views of secular vs. evangelical Christians, using a controversy about spanking in school as an example. article / mp3
Speak to the Rock – 41  Just as Moses was told to speak to the rock to bring forth life-giving water, we too must learn to speak to our Rock, Christ Jesus. article / mp3
Spiritual Climate – 223  Plants grow healthy and strong in the right climate, and so do Christians! article / mp3 |
Stand by Faith, We - 140 A powerful study of the reason we do not need to fear being torn from the hands of our Savior. We can fall, but we never need to! article / mp3
Storms, Perfect
– 93  Every one of us faces severed personal storms in our lives from time to time. Learn their purpose, and the keys to surviving your storms intact. article / mp3
Storms of Life, Surviving the - 507 The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020-2021 was a sort of perfect storm that swept down on our world. But we also have personal storms that sweep down on our lives, and we need a survival strategy. article / mp3
Strange Doctrine, A - 368 A thoroughly Biblical refutation of that strange doctrine which suggests that all our sins are forgiven - whether we trust Christ or not. article / mp3
Strangers & Sojourners - 131 The Bible states definitively that this present world is not our home. We are to live as strangers in it. Learn why this mentality is absolutely vital to successful Christian living. article / mp3
Strengths & Weaknesses – 23  While some appear to have far more strengths in their lives than others, God does not always see things the way we do. article / mp3
Strong & The Weak, The - 130 One of the ways of God is His insistence that the strong sustain the weak. article / mp3
Students of Jesus
- 375 To be a disciple is to be a student, a learner. In this study we look at the implications of being one of Jesus' students. article / mp3
Succeed?, Why Do The Ungodly
- 188 As Christians, we learn to give God the glory for our success, but what do we say about the ungodly who may be achieving more career success than we are? article / mp3
Success Defined -
577 Are we the ones who decide what success looks like? article / mp3
Sudden Blessings
– 37  Here is hope for those who have long endured strain and pressure. God may not be as fast as we want Him to be, but when He is ready He can move with lightning speed. article / mp3
Suffer, Why Do We? – 21  A look at the classic question of why the just and the unjust must suffer. article / mp3
Tale of Two Ladies, A - 186 We can learn much from thesed two very special women who wasted their all for God. article / mp3
Teaching, The Value of
– 325  A teaching about teaching! A Biblical look at why we must all concern ourselves with teaching and being taught the word of God. article / mp3
Test God, Don't - 143 Yes, God has mades us wonderful promises of provision and protection, but we must be careful not to put Him to the test. article / mp3
Testimony of Heartbreak and Healing
- 356 Dennis shares the painful story of how Spirit of Grace Ministries was founded while he was in the midst of losing his wife of thirty years, and how the Holy Spirit brought about healing and restoration in his life. article / mp3
Therapy - Is it Enough?
- 366 Today "experts" label all our bad behavior as "syndromes" which require counseling and therapy - but never repentance! article / mp3
They Did Not Know -
524 Just because you are being blessed, does not mean you should take those blessings as a blanket endorsement of God on your life. And if you are struggling, don't be too quick to assume you need to make drastic changes. article / mp3
Thing Most Needed - 469 When a major crisis hits us, we are sometimes torn between taking the necessary steps for survival and putting our trust in God. But both are desperately needed. article / mp3
"Things Happen for a Reason"
- 266 Non-Christians like to say that "things happen for a reason." They are correct, but not in the way that they think. article / mp3
Things to Come
– 227  What is the future of the believer? article / mp3
Thou Shalt Follow Thy Dream - 571 Should fulfilment of our personal aspirations be our focus? article / mp3
Three Questions - 375 In his letter to the Corinthians Paul asks three questions which we all need to answer and contemplate. Within these three questions is the key to humility. article / mp3
Thy Will be done – 29  God's will is not always done on this earth. This amazing truth can help you to understand much of what used to puzzle you. article / mp3
Timing, The Importance of - 531 When it comes to being led by the Holy Spirit and fulfilling God's perfect will in our lives, timing is so very important. article / mp3
To-do List - 599 Jesus completed every single item on God's To-do list. article/mp3
Tolerance, The Limits of – B09  The good and the bad aspects of tolerance. article / mp3
Tossed About, No Longer - 102 God's Process for our maturity. article / mp3
True Justice - 526 The prophet Zechariah reveals a unique insight about "true justice" as God sees it. article / mp3
Trust?, Whom Can You - 513 Dennis points out the role of discernment in a believer's life exemplified with a look at the writings of John and an example from Dennis' life. article / mp3Two Kinds - 353 When it comes to people, and events, and ministry, and families, and nearly everything else, there are two kinds. A study of the efficacy of and the need for prayer in every situation. article / mp3
Tupperware, Life Lessons from the Amazing Story of - 149 A fascinating bio of Earl Tupper and Brownie Wise, the two individuals who created the incredible Tupperware phenomenon in the 1950's and 60's. Believe it or not, there are some important lessons believers can learn from Tupperware! article / mp3
Unfinished Sermon, The - 125 In one particular unfinished sermon we find in the Acts of the Apostles, we discover the key to effectively ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. article / mp3
Unoffended, Blessed Are The
- 378 We will all be tempted to draw back from God. But great blessings await those who refuse to be offended. article / mp3
Upset with Us?, Can God Ever be
- 464 Is God always and continually pleased with His children? Could He ever be upset with us? Learn the truth! article / mp3
Use, The Law of
– 295 Learn a major prerequisite for advancement and promotion in effective service, as you follow and abide in Jesus. article / mp3
Unstable as Water - 598 God honors the steadfast. article/mp3
Value of a man, The – 66  What is your value? A study on our value from God's perspective. article / mp3
Value of Pain - 154 - How God uses pain in our lives, and our need to accept the process. article / mp3
Vanity of Vanities - 103 Thoughts on the strange little book of Ecclesiastes. article / mp3
Virtuous Wife, The
- 415 A study of the classic passage from Proverbs 31, which goes into great detail about the woman God considers virtuous. article / mp3
Waiting for Our Master
- 441 Dennis teaches on a powerful series of illustrations given by Jesus to encourage us to always be watching for His return. article / mp3
Walk with God
- 114 A study of what a walk with God looks like. article / mp3
Water Your Life
– 90  A teaching on how we can experience divine life springing up in every area of our life. article / mp3
We Played the Flute - 573 Some people refuse to be sastisfied with God. article / mp3
Wesley, Charles - 106 The inspiring story of the forgotten Wesley. article / mp3
Wesley, John – Spirit-filled Methodist
– 82  A bio of the anointed but controversial founder of the Methodist church, John Wesley. article / mp3
What do you have? – 14  There is tremendous abundance released when we give the proper response to the question, "What do you have?" article / mp3
What is a Christian and How Do You Become One? -613 You must be "born again" and "saved." Are these terms out of date? article/mp3
What is God After? - 166 Life will make more sense, and you will have a far better ability to deal with your struggles when you understand what God is really after as He works in your life. article / mp3
Whatever He Does Shall Prosper - 288 A study of the amazing promise of blessing found in Psalms 1. article / mp3
Whatever I ask?, Will God Give Me - 479 The Bible says, "Ask and you will receive," but does this mean that God will give us whatever we ask - anything and everything? article / mp3
When the Grain Ripens – 56  God may seem to be moving very slow in your situation, but it just may be that He is waiting for the grain to ripen. article / mp3
Which Direction are You Growing? - 248 What matters is not really where we are, but rather which direction we are going. article / mp3
Whitefield, George (Part 1)
- 358 The youth, conversion, and early ministry of George Whitefield, one of the greatest preachers in the history of the church. article / mp3
Whitefield, George (Part 2)
- 359 The amazing ministry of George Whitefield, one of the greatest preachers in the history of the church. article / mp3
Whitefield, George (Part 3)
- 360 The further ministry of George Whitefield, plus the dramatic story of the last day of his life. article / mp3
Who May Abide in God? - 443 A study of Psalm 15 and the answer to that famous question: "Who may abide in Your tabernacle...?" article / mp3
Who will find you?
– 10  The Bible reveals that both God and the devil are searching throughout the earth for men and women. The question is, "Who will find you?" article / mp3
Whose Voice Will You Hear? - 537 Proverbs 9 provides a stark comparison of two influences in every person's life. article / mp3
Why are Evangelicals So Overwhelmingly Pro-life?- 610 It is impossible for one to ebrace Biblical truth and despise an unborn child. article/mp3
Why the Judgement Seat? - 593 What is the significance of the Judgement seat? Why should all people know about it? article/mp3
Why Change Gods? - 582 Abiding in Christ means staying with Him always. article / mp3
Why doesn't God Do More? - We all know that God can do whatever He likes. So why doesn't He save more people, heal more people, defend more people...? article / mp3
Why Heaven is Missing - 602 Why is Heaven an essential element to Biblical preaching and Christian living? article/mp3
Why the Angels Appeared to the Shepherds - 561 Who do you share important news with?
Why Sit Here and Die? - 579 Four lepars found in 2 Kings 7:3-4 teach us a valuable lesson. article / mp3
Why Shepherds? - 561 Why did God choose lowly Shepherds to be the first to hear of the Christ child? article / mp3
Why We Stand Our Ground - 510 Dennis encourages believers to cling to Christ with steadfast hope regardless of circumstances. article / mp3
Wilberforce, William (Part 1) - 381 The amazing life, career, crusade, and ministry of the evangelical politician who brought the slave trade in Britain to a screeching halt. article / mp3
Wilberforce, William (Part 2) - 382 The amazing life, career, crusade, and ministry of the evangelical politician who brought the slave trade in Britain to a screeching halt. article / mp3
Wilberforce, William (Part 3) - 383 The amazing life, career, crusade, and ministry of the evangelical politician who brought the slave trade in Britain to a screeching halt. article / mp3
Wide and Narrow Gate - 432 Jesus tells us that there are 2 gates: one which leads to life and the other that leads to everlasting destruction? But why is one so wide and the other so narrow? article / mp3
Wilderness, Riches in the - 424 We often complain about our "wilderness seasons" but we need to see that it is in the wilderness that we are made rich! article / mp3
Wilderness to Promised Land – 25  Throughout our lives we will experience both wildernesses and promised lands. article / mp3
Will and do of His Good Pleasure, To - 272 One of the major differences between grace and law has to do with motivation. Under law we do because we have to. Under grace we do because we want to! article / mp3
Will God Say "NO"? - 126 Learn when and why we can pray with confidence, looking not for a "no," but for a divine YES! article / mp3
Witnesses, His
- 306 A study of the life and ministry of John the Baptist, and the parallel between John and every believer today - like John, we must announce the Messiah! article / mp3
Witnesses to Christ's Return, Many
- 33 An overview of the many New Testament witnesses who all testify of the return of the Lord Jesus.  article / mp3
Wommack's Wrathless God
- 612 Andrew Wommack does not believe that God is ever upset with any sin by anybody. But, what does the Bible say? article/mp3
Work is Not in Vain, Our
- 287 A study of 1 Corinthians 15, the resurrection chapter, and Paul's encouragement to believers to be steadfast and immovable. article / mp3
Work of our Hands
– 270  Learn the reason you can trust God to bless all the work of your hands. article / mp3
Work, The Beauty and Value of - 142 A study of the Biblical view of work, and the importance of it in all our lives. article / mp3
Works, I Know Your
- 307 Although salvation is "all of grace" Jesus is quite concerned that His people engage in good works. article / mp3
World, Love not The
– 83  If "God so loved the world…" why is it that John tells us: "Love not the world." A Biblical study on the world that all Christians must overcome. article / mp3
Wounded Warrior – 72  Some basic Scriptural truths related to the severe pain and sufferings that God's children are sometimes called to endure. article / mp3
Written, It is - 363 A powerful teaching on the means by which we can expect to receive that for which we ask from the Father of grace and mercy. article / mp3

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A major part of Spirit of Grace Ministries is our ministry in the great continent of Africa. There is a tremendous harvest going on in the world these days, and we are privileged to be a part of it. Above is a brief music video featuring video clips and pics from our recent mission in Nigeria in Oct/Nov, 2019.

Audio Devo: "Why is there suffering?"

People have debated this question for millennia. And we cannot speak concerning specific individual questions of suffering, but the Bible clearly speaks as to why suffering has always been a part of the human experience.