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Resources for Conquering Diabetes

Overcoming Runaway Blood SugarOur latest DVD Video: Overcoming Runaway
Blood Sugar - Testimony of Deliverance

We are in the process of producing a series of videos about diabetes, and how to overcome persistently high blood sugar levels. This is our first video, and features Dennis sharing some of his own early experiences, and how he found answers that enabled him to avoid diabetes and see his blood sugar levels return to normal.

From the back cover:

In this video series Dennis Pollock covers the basics of:

  1. Why your blood sugar rises
  2. How, when, and why to test your blood sugar
  3. Various ways and means to bring your high blood sugar levels back into the normal range
  4. Great meals that will barely raise your blood sugar

In this first video Dennis shares his own story, and how he overcame blood sugar levels that were out of control. Dennis should be a full-fledged diabetic by now, but he has kept diabetes at bay for the last fifteen years!

This video DVD is our thanks to you for your gift of $25 or more to Spirit of Grace Ministries. There will be more videos in the days to come, so check this page frequently! To receive this DVD on Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar, click on the donate button in the top left of the sidebar to the left and in the second page, after entering you information, type in Blood Sugar Video 1 after clicking on "Add special instructions to the seller."



Overcoming Runaway Blood SugarDennis' book: Overcoming
Runaway Blood Sugar

After Dennis Pollock experienced a serious hypoglycemic episode, his desire to understand the whys of blood sugar fluctuation, its potential damage to the body, and the ways of prevention led him on a quest for answers. Now he helps others achieve optimum health as they explore: what people should know about the blood sugar delivery system, reasons to change our lifestyles, and why faith is a great motivator for a diet and exercise program that works. Good health comes when good information is followed by action. This book is for everyone who is eager to trade fatigue, weight gain,and illness brought on by blood sugar level changes for a life of optimum health.

You can see victory in your struggle with diabetes, hypoglycemia, or other blood sugar issues. Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar has gone through many printings and been a great help to many. We offer this book for $12 (includes shipping). You can send a check to Spirit of Grace Ministries, or to order by PayPal (or credit card) click on the buy now button below.


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Missions Outreach

A major part of Spirit of Grace Ministries is our ministry in the great continent of Africa. There is a tremendous harvest going on in the world these days, and we are privileged to be a part of it. Above is a brief music video featuring video clips and pics from our recent mission in Nigeria in Oct/Nov, 2019.

Audio Devo: "Why is there suffering?"

People have debated this question for millennia. And we cannot speak concerning specific individual questions of suffering, but the Bible clearly speaks as to why suffering has always been a part of the human experience.